Are your intellectual pursuits are so wide and varied that you have the knowledge of a winning game show contestant? Naturally, you can try out to appear on a game show. But even without going on Jeopardy, you can make money with your knowledge.

Notably too, your knowledge doesn’t have to be wide to make this work. If you have deep knowledge about one specific topics — 401(k) plans, for instance — you can make great money by only answering game show-like questions in that narrow field.

Where do you find work answering questions like you were on a game show?


A site called JustAnswer enlists freelance know-it-alls to inform callers about everything from troublesome medical symptoms to marketing contacts and financial facts. You sign up and choose your specialties. The site pays you for each question you answer. The highest-paid experts provide answers about appraisals (average earnings $8,457 per month), tech help ($7,612) and homework ($6,200), according to the site.

Naturally, you can answer questions here without game show contestant knowledge. You’d simply have to research to come up with the right answers. But to earn good hourly pay here, you really need to be an expert in the fields you choose. Having answers on the tip of your tongue allows you to answer more quickly and earn a good rate for your time. Learn more about JustAnswer here.

Or Sign up for JustAnswer here.

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