Human resource and insurance jobs involve negotiating and explaining benefits, as well as administering benefit plans. These sites can help you find flexible human resource and insurance jobs.


WAHVE, which stands for “Work at Home Vintage Experts,” finds jobs in the insurance, accounting and human resources fields for people in their 50s and 60s, who want flexible schedules. The site is primarily interested in people with contemporary experience, who won’t mind taking a pay cut for additional flexibility. Applicants are interviewed and added to a pool of ready workers where they can be matched with jobs as they come up. Learn more about WAHVE here.


FlexJobs curates telecommuting, part-time and otherwise flexible job opportunities, to find legitimate opportunities for remote and flexible work in all fields. The site charges a monthly membership fee, but members say it’s well worth the cost. The site also has a blog post about companies that regularly offer remote engineering positions. Learn more about FlexJobs here.

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