FlexJobs is a curated job board for flexible, contract, freelance and part-time positions in nearly every industry

Expected pay: Varies by position

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: $25 per month; $60 per year

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; all other requirements vary by position

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a curated job board that finds, investigates and reports on flexible, part-time and remote positions in virtually every industry.

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FlexJobs Review: normally takes a dim view of sites that require workers to pay to find work. FlexJobs, which curates telecommuting, part-time and otherwise flexible job opportunities, is an exception.

Although you can find the jobs listed on the site elsewhere, FlexJobs checks out each opportunity to determine whether the job involves telecommuting (even part-time) and whether the company that’s offering it is legitimate. In an arena were a lot of work-at-home “opportunities” are scams, we think this is a valuable service.

How it works

Theoretically, if you want to search for jobs here, you can plug in the type of work you’re interested in and find listings. However, the full listing — which includes the company name, requirements and salary range — is hidden until you subscribe.


Flex Jobs charges $10 a week; $25 a month or $60 per year for its job-seeker subscriptions. And it offers a money-back guarantee, which it appears to honor. Members who want a refund, must request it within 30 days.

However, you can make that request by phone, email or through the site’s contact form. In other words, the site makes it easy.

What you get

For your subscription fee, you get access to tens of thousands of vetted flexible, remote, part-time, contract and freelance positions. This site sifts out non-flexible options, as well as “flexible” jobs that don’t offer a salary. Jobs that pay solely through commissions are not allowed on the site.

You also get some career advice, from how to go back to work after a break to how to best structure a resume. In person career coaching and resume services are also available for an additional fee.

Customer reviews

It’s worth noting that job-seekers who have used this site are overwhelmingly positive about it. The Better Business Bureau has 64 reviews posted with an average rating of 4.64 out of 5. SiteJabber has more than 10,000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.69 out of 5. TrustPilot gives FlexJobs a 4.5 rating out of 5.

Automatic renewal

The one complaint we see is that FlexJobs automatically renews memberships. Most membership sites do the same. But given that you probably don’t need a FlexJobs subscription once you find work, it’s important to remember to cancel when you no longer need a job.


The overwhelmingly positive reviews and the relatively modest cost of a job-seeker subscription makes us believe this is a great deal for anyone looking for a non-traditional work arrangement. You can sign up for FlexJobs here.

If, however, you’re reluctant to pay for job board services, you can also screen jobs at Indeed for remote work. The screening there is just not as thorough as it it on FlexJobs.

Want to sign up for FlexJobs?

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What their users say: From the BBB

This is my 2nd time using Flexjobs (once in 2017 and then again 2022) and I landed a job both times. I thought work from home was only for techy people, I was wrong. There are a wide array of opportunities in a variety of industries. It isn’t a quick process you must be dedicated to putting in the time to search, apply, interview and even consoder attending some webinar offerings to help you along the way. I highly suggest doing a 3 month plan, saves money and for me it took a little less than that to land the perfect job.

Glad I joined

I’m REALLY glad I made the decision to join Flexjobs. It was easy to search jobs of interests based on my needs. I just accepted a F/T Permanent job for a great company working remotely that I found on *******. So grateful for Flexjobs. I highly recommend to others.

Worth the membership. Found jobs on there, got two job offers. Started working with new companies

Flexjobs helped me find the kind of job I was looking for. I acquired a 100% remote position that pays what I needed. They have lots of resources, like coaching, updating resumes, and effective cover letters. I highly recommend them in your job search and take advantage of all they have to offer!

From TrustPilot

Great filtering for remote only jobs in searches (this alone was worth it) had options not available on indeed. The resources were VERY helpful in updating my resume and cover letter.

Has a lot of legitimate job options. Unfortunately everything I have applied to from Flexjobs has not moved forward in an interview process. I have had more success from Indeed.

I was able to get responses for all the jobs I applied for. The site is also easy to use and navigate.

Loved how easy it was to apply for and track various jobs that I applied for. Out of all the job search platforms I tried- Flex Jobs was hands-down the best for finding remote work opportunities!

From SiteJabber

Great experience with FlexJobs, even though it did not lead me to the job I just recently accepted. I was intending to take advantage of the career counseling services soon. I also read many articles that really helped me stay motivated to job hunt, and gave me valuable advice concerning job interviews. Simply having my profile filled out on here and the ease that allowed me to apply for jobs took a lot of grief out of the application process and gave me a confidence boost.

Great resource! Have recommended to many friends who have joined.

I’ve found the webinars to be very helpful in building my confidence and sense of self-efficacy in the job search


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