LaborJack connects customers with “hired muscle” — movers, landscapers, carpenters and other laborers

Expected pay: $15 – $20 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Select cities in Colorado and Arizona

Requirements: 18 or older; the ability to lift up to 100 lbs; have a bank account (to receive payment); pass a background check and personal screening

Laborjack Review:

Laborjack connects customers with workers willing to do manual labor, such as yard work, moving and construction. Pay ranges from $15 to $20 per hour, depending on the job and how many gigs you’ve done through the platform. However, customers can also tip and the tips are yours to keep.

Muscle for hire

Unlike many manual labor apps, you don’t need equipment — or even a car or truck — to participate here. The site advertises itself as “muscle for hire.” So, if your customer is moving, the customer will pay for the uHaul or truck. You just move things. Likewise, if the client needs landscaping, the required tools are also provided by the customer. You just show up to do the work.


The site pays laborers within two weeks of completing a job. The site also has insurance to cover up to $1,000 in damages to the client’s property.

Customer reviews of their Laborjacks — and the company’s office staff — are also consistently excellent. Several customers mentioned that because the price of the service was so much cheaper than professional movers, they tipped handsomely. That could at least partially make up for the low pay guarantees.

Flip side

Many other moving, landscaping and general labor sites pay more — sometimes twice as much, in fact. But some of them expect you to drive your own truck. And others can hold you responsible for damage to customer property.

Laborjack is also relatively young and only available in a few cities, which means the job prospects are limited. That said, it’s not a bad option for those in Laborjack’s top market areas.


You can find similar, but better paying, work with JiffyonDemand, and moving services, such as GoShare. There are no exclusivity provisions at any of these work platforms, so you can sign up with them all, if you’d like.

What their workers say (from Indeed)

There is a lot of opportunities to get raises at this company. Every 10 jobs completed you get a $.5 raise, the pay starts at $17/hr + tips and it caps out at $22/hr + tips once you reach 100 completed jobs. The difficult part is that they claim to be the perfect place to work for college students, but often schedule most of their jobs in the middle of the day, which is also when most classes are. I ended up having to look for other jobs after the summer ended / school year started because the 1-2 available jobs per week was just not enough hours or money.

Updated 12/2/2022

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