Long-haul moving jobs for people with trucks can be highly lucrative, but you determine just how much so. The sites that connect you with this type of work let you set your own rates and negotiate directly with clients. You also collect your payment directly from your customers.

Here are the options for truckers looking for long-haul moving jobs.

Citizen Shipper

Citizen Shipper helps long-haul truckers to fill empty spaces and make additional on-the-way deliveries. You negotiate directly with people looking to ship things, determining whether you’ve got the interest, room, and whether they’re willing to pay reasonable freight. Citizen Shipper also has a handy tool to help you find other on-the-way deliveries. The site doesn’t charge commissions but does charge a monthly listing fee. If you do a decent amount of work through the site, flat-fees are far less costly than commissions. Find out more about Citizen Shipper here.


uShip connects people wanting to ship things with the truck-owners/drivers who are willing to take the job. You set your own rates; the site takes just a 20% commission for doing the marketing and collection for you. More on uShip here.

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