What: uShip connects people who need something moved — furniture, pets, appliances — with the movers willing and able to do it

Expected pay: set by you

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: generally 20%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: The ability to move heavy objects and a smart phone.


uShip is a marketing platform that connects movers with people who are trying to ship things, from furniture to pets. The site works much like competitor, Citizen Shipper, in that movers are encouraged to sign up and fill their trucks with additional on-the-way deliveries. At both sites, movers bid on jobs, setting their own rate of pay. Clients determine which bid they’ll accept.

uShip collects payment on the shipper’s behalf and releases it as soon as the shipper marks “delivered” on the app. The site is generally user friendly, but penalizes drivers if they cancel too many jobs or cancel at the last minute. (This would understandably upset customers.) 

The fact that uShip collects payment for you is a plus. (Citizen Shipper expects movers to collect payment directly from the client.) However, in some other ways Citizen Shipper appears to be more user friendly, providing generally lower fees a map and listing of additional on-the-way deliveries each time you accept a job. There is no downside to signing up with both apps, however. 

from Site Jabber 11/5/18

I used to ship for UShip. Had a perfect rating. Night before my last trip my partner broke his leg and I was unable to find a replacement. UShip told me I would no longer be able to accept deliveries if I cancelled my shipments. So I did it on my own. I scratched a ladies floor and offered to pay for it to be refinished. Now I am kicked off the site and they tell me that I won’t be paid for my shipments I already did.