If marketing is your specialty, there’s good news. A handful of online platforms can connect you with highly-paid marketing jobs. They’re selective, only enlisting those with experience in everything from brand marketing to social media. But, if you get accepted, the jobs are plentiful and well compensated. Here are your options.


Mayple connects marketing experts with companies that need them. There are no specific age or education requirements. However, marketing experts are expected to have two or more years of experience in their specific niche — i.e. SEO marketing; email marketing; social media, etc. And freelancers are screened by subject-matter experts before joining. Once accepted, most earn between $50 and $150 per hour. Learn more about Mayple here.

Apply to Maple here.


MarketerHire is about marketing and only marketing. And it expects you to be equally specific about your unique skills. Marketing experts are screened extensively, and the site says it only accepts about 5% of those who apply. You should be prepared to provide concrete examples of previous projects where you moved the needle for your clients. Freelancers rave about this site. Learn more about MarketerHire here.

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