MarketerHire connects freelance marketing experts with clients

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: None paid by the freelancer

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 18 or older; 5+ years of specific marketing expertise with proven track record; pass a skills screening and interview process

What is MarketerHire?

MarketerHire connects seasoned freelance marketers with companies in need of their services.

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MarketerHire Review:

Unlike broad-based freelance sites, such as Upwork and Freelancer, MarketerHire doesn’t attempt to work with everyone. This site is about marketing and only marketing.

And because marketing has become highly fragmented in recent years, with an increasing number of social media platforms and increasing complexity with Google search, it wants specialists. Notably, you do not need a college degree to get accepted. However, you do need experience.

The site expects freelancers who work here to be specific about their unique skills. You apply within a specific niche — content marketing, marketing on Amazon, SEO, paid search, social media, etc. When you apply, you’re expected to provide concrete examples of previous projects where you moved the needle for your clients.

You also set your own rates here and can expect to take home 100% of the rates you set, since the site only takes commissions from clients, not freelance workers.

MarketerHire accepts applicants worldwide. But the site prefers freelancers from the U.S. or Canada.

How it works

If you’re accepted to the network, the site will start sending you job offers that match your skills.

Freelancers say the site has copious clients, and is great at matching freelancers to appropriate projects. Know that you may be offered some projects that don’t meet your salary requirements. But there’s no penalty for turning them down.

Job opportunities are sent by email with the engagement details. And you accept or decline. The platform aims to offer you your first opportunity within 30 days of being accepted to the site.


MarketerHire pays freelancers every two weeks through direct deposit. You don’t need to wait for your client to pay. The site bills and collects from clients separately.


There is a lot to like about MarketerHire. You set your own rates and don’t have to chase clients or invoices. But there are a number of good alternatives — and none requires you to work for them exclusively. So, you can sign up with MarketerHire and other similar platforms.

Additional sites worth considering, include Mayple, FlexProfessionals, SkipTheDrive, and FreeUp.

You can sign up with MarketerHire here.

What their users say (from Trust Pilot):

“Amazing projects from MarketerHire, huge clients with large budgets. MarketerHire sets up all the appointments and organizes everything. In 9 months time, I have made over $30k (after fees) doing what I love from the comfort of home.”

“Marketerhire is a great platform to get high-quality clients! Since signing up I’ve had a continuous stream of leads and can select which clients are the best fit. Plus, you get to set your own hourly rate and get paid for the value you are bringing!”

“MarketerHire introduced me to some great clients. Their team is responsive and supportive. But mostly, they’ve done an excellent job of matching me with clients I’ve been excited to work with.”

Supportive team

“Super friendly team. Quick to respond to all emails. 100% recommend.”

“They take care of all the behind the scenes work so everything on my side is easy. It’s a joy talking with them. It’s also been a great networking opportunity to meet other professionals.”

“They are excellent at logistics of setting up meetings between myself and potential clients. Additionally, their backend interface, where I bill for hourly engagements, is very intuitive.”

MarketerHire handles all of the sales and new client acquisition and assigns the best fit for the job. It’s a great platform that is very transparent on expectations and payments.”

From Glassdoor

“The core offering of MH is that it solves all the pain points of being a freelancer. The platform sends you clients, lays out the scope so everyone is all on the same page. And it helps work out the budget and also does the billing to make sure you’re paid on time. It’s freelance work without all the headache.”

“Chris and the entire team are true professionals who know the market and make sure that freelancers and clients are mutually benefitting and happy. I can’t recommend MarketerHire enough. Truly a world-class experience.”

Reviewed 10/30/2021

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