Musika connects music teachers with potential customers. However, the connection comes at a high cost — 50% of the student’s payment

Expected pay: You set it (sometimes)

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: 50%

Where: Nationwide (can be remote or in person)

Requirements: 18 or older; valid Social Security number; music proficiency with one or more instruments

What is Musika?

Musika is a music teaching and tutoring marketplace that connects freelance music teachers with potential clients. Lessons can be done in person or online.

Musika Review:

However, the connection comes at a high cost — 50% of the student’s payment. And, while the site maintains that teachers set their own rates, schedule and curriculum, teachers say the site determines your rates for the online lessons.

How it works

Teachers fill out an application that includes their name, contact information and details about the instruments and/or type of music they teach. You’ll detail your music teaching experience, the instruments you’re proficient in, and the type of students you’re looking for — young, old, advanced, beginner, etc. You’re also asked to set your in-person rates for students coming you — and you going to the students.

From there, the site attempts to connect you with students that fit what you’re looking for.


The challenge is that the site apparently marks up teacher rates dramatically. And Musika determines the value of online lessons. Those lessons may involve working at rates that are far below what you may charge elsewhere.

Moreover, the site offers a “risk-free trial lesson,” which students only pay for if they’re satisfied. If the student is not satisfied, the teacher is apparently not paid for his or her time. And, the site will set up another trial lesson with another teacher.


The site pays teachers via direct deposit once a month.


There are several other online platforms that help you find music students, including WyzantLessonFace and TakeLessons. We like all of these options considerably more than Musika. If you want to sign up with Musika, you can find the site here.

What their teachers say (from Glassdoor)

“They charge the student twice as much as what the teacher makes”

“Teaching online is NOT worth it. While you’re able negotiate your rates during the interview, online lessons are paid at a flat rate of $20/hour. The agreed rate of in-person lessons was slightly lower than the average music studio in my area.

I began teaching for Musika just before the Covid-19 pandemic and was forced to only teach online. I wish Musika would’ve offered to pay teachers the agreed in-person rates for online lessons, because virtually all students available to teach in-person were gone.”

Don’t bother

“Won’t let you charge your own rate and keep most of your income anyway. DON’T BOTHER- you sign a contract that states they will harass your former students if you quit- just to make sure you aren’t teaching them… Yes, they will actually contact former students to form a lawsuit against you.”

“Been with this company for over one year now and I still have not been provided one serious student”

“Did not compensate well for lessons, compared to the prices I normally get.”

“They said they needed bass teachers. I’ve been with them for about six months and still haven’t gotten a single student. These people are a waste of time.”

From Indeed

“They have been a good source for music students. I have my own studio and with the addition of Musika students, I am busy. They pay on a direct deposit which is great! The students overall are pretty good. I have had no problems with any student or staff member. Everyone there is cooperative and easy to work with.”

“Everything was professional since the beginning a good experience and every time you have a concern they take care you very nice with respect. Also they call you after a while to see if everything was fixed.Nice people in N.Y. and also in Houston Tx.”

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