Open English is an online English-language tutoring program for students in Latin America

Expected pay: $8-$9 per hour

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (worldwide)

Requirements: 10 hours of availability a week; teaching experience or TFL or TESOL training; computer with a webcam and microphone; Spanish language skills are a plus

Open English review:

Unlike some of the other English-tutoring platforms, Open English has its part-time teachers assist a classroom full of students. Teachers say that the students can be at all different levels, which makes instruction far more difficult.

In addition, the site uses five different communication platforms, which leads to technological glitches — like believing teachers are offline, when they’re in the middle of teaching a class. And pay is nothing to brag about.

On the bright side, you don’t need a laundry-list of qualifications to get a job here and the hours are flexible.


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Native English-speaker? You’re hired!

What their users say (from Indeed)

We are hired as independent contractors and are expected to fulfill required criteria in order to be in good status. This includes doing reports, training(something unusual for an IC position according IRS), no benefits, no paid leave or holidays, does not meet minimum wage. We get paid hourly, $8 US base wage we have to comply with THEIR method of teaching. Material is repetitive and recycled. Some from 2012-2014. Material repeats every 2 months.

Low pay (no base pay advancements) Management does not COMMUNICATE back to you, or it’s often unhelpful/unclear.-Disorganized (the use of 5 different platforms).-Outdated system which leads to multiple glitches. The system reports you are offline when you are actually online.-Class sizes are getting larger and harder to handle alone (1:15 ratio) with multiple students being at different levels. This made teaching very unenjoyable.

Platform Glitches

When I first started the company, I enjoyed it because of the flexibility. After about a month, I saw all the weaknesses and mistakes. Their platform is ancient has many mistakes. It shows you as offline when you’re really online and teaching. The company then sends you a warning then takes it back. The pay is horrible. It is actually the lowest in the industry. They also charge students the highest. From what I see, most teachers are not qualified and the students can tell. They leave multiple complaints because teachers just go off the PDFs than actually teaching. Management doesn’t exist here. There’s no coaching, no meetings. Nothing. This is a horrible company to work for.

Good side hustle. The pay is enough if you are a frugal person. The pay raise scheme is interesting. You get a raise of 1$ per hour after a certain # of hours and good performance. It feels like they are making us work towards this raise and be rewarded with the amount they intended to pay initially. However, by rewarding us with 1$ extra per hour we feel happy, it’s pretty smart if you think about it..

As a stay at home mother, this is a good job to have. You don’t earn a lot but you can earn a little while being at home. The work is not very challenging and you get to meet a lot of interesting people from South America.