RVnGo is a free-to-list peer-to-peer rental site for owners of recreational vehicles

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: None charged owners

Where: Nationwide

Requirements:Recreational Vehicle to rent

RVnGo Review:

RVnGo is a peer-to-peer rental platform that specializes in renting our RVs, trailers and pop-ups. What makes this site unique is that it provides this marketing service 100% free to owners. Renters pay all of the platform fees.

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From reading the site’s terms, it’s clear that the free-to-owners feature may not last forever. But for the moment, it makes renting out your RV via RVnGo an unusually good deal.

Mandatory insurance

However, where it appears to be a great deal for owners, it’s not as good a deal for renters. The site’s mandatory insurance policy is high-priced and the site tacks other fees onto the renter’s bill, so the check-out price for the renter is likely to be as high or higher here as it is on the platforms that charge fees to owners. But the money isn’t coming from the owner’s pocket.


RVnGo collects renter payments 10 days prior to the rental and releases the funds to owners as soon as the RV is received by the customer. That’s similar to the other RV rental sites, which typically release payment to owners 24-hours after the motor home has been picked up by the renter.

When the RV is returned, the owner and renter inspect it, agree on whether there are any damages or final charges for things like sewage dumping or fuel.

If all is well, the customer’s deposit is returned. If the RV has been damaged, insurance claims are due within two days after the rental return.


The only shortcoming we found with RVnGo so far is that it doesn’t appear to have anywhere near the web traffic of the bigger RV rental sites, Outdoorsy and RVshare, which both boast millions of customer visits each month. (You can sign up with Outdoorsy here.)

That’s likely to make it tougher to find a renter. (A site called SimilarWeb, which tracks web traffic, says that Outdoorsy got 1.25 million web visits in May; RVshare got 2.65 million visits. SimilarWeb has no data on RVnGo. That normally means the site has yet to built up significant traffic.)

That said, there’s nothing to stop you from listing on all three sites to see which one brings the most activity. That’s ultimately what we’d recommend here. If your RV happens to rent via this platform, you’ll make more because you’ll pay less in fees. But until the site becomes better known, your best bets for finding renters are the competing sites.

Want to try RVnGo?

You can sign up here.

What their users say (from Trust Pilot)

“I have used RVnGo twice for renting my camper out. They are a cost-effective solution for RV Owners to handle the transaction while not keeping an exorbitant commission (25%) like other sites do. They also provide a means to get just their insurance when that is all you need. I will continue to use their services.

“I really can’t tell if your site is getting any traffic at all. There is no way of seeing who visited my listing or who might be looking for an RV in my area.

No inquiries

“We have been signed up for three months and have not received one inquiry or request.

The website is great but I have yet to receive one rental request. I have had my rv listed for over a year here.

Renters and owners BEWARE. This is a horrible expensive unethical experience dealing with this company. We rented our vehicle through their platform. It was returned with roughly 25K in damages. RVNGO was evasive throughout the claim process, doctored pics and has abandoned full liability. It is now being pursued in civil court. the experience has damaged our foundation to the core. More than half a year so far and still going with our vehicle decommissioned while in their custodianship. Do not RISK your assets or peace of mind with this company. There are better options!

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