You don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to sell books and toys because they’re generally not going to bring in enough cash to make a time-consuming effort pay off. But what if you have a really valuable book? There’s a site for that. But for everything else — the paperbacks and Transformers — your best bets to sell books and toys are free social media sites. Here are the best options.

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Valuable books and magazines

Abe Books is a national retailer that specializes in classic manuscripts. First editions, classic manuscripts signed by the author — or a famous contemporary. Vintage magazines. These can all bring in substantial sums. But there’s a fee to sell through the site. Learn more about AbeBooks here.

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Everything else

No valuable classics in your shelves? Just run-of-the mill books and toys that would fetch a few bucks at a garage sale? Naturally, you can host that garage sale — or give the stuff to charity and take a tax write-off. Or you can do the online equivalent and list it for sale on Nextdoor. This sites allows neighbors to communicate and offer personal items for sale. Learn more about Nextdoor here.

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