Got a new phone? Dozens of sites would like to help you sell the old one. However, the site likely to bring you the most lucrative deal when you want to sell phones and electronics is Swappa.

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Swappa differs from other sites that sell phones and electronics in that it is not a go-between. Most other sites buy your phone for resale. Swappa is a marketplace where you can negotiate directly with other buyers. Taking out the middle-man means you get more. Read our full review on Swappa here.

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Other alternatives

Most other sites where you can sell phones and electronics are resellers. In other words, they will buy cell phones from you for resale. Naturally, these sites are going to offer you less for your phone than they think it’s worth because they need to earn a profit too. That said, the sales process can be a bit easier, since you don’t have to dicker with dozens of individual consumers. You simply plug in the make, model and year of your phone and they’ll make you an offer that you can accept or reject.

There are dozens of sites that fall into this category. However, we recommend only a few. The reason? The others have generated copious consumer complaints about changing their offers after the consumer sends in the phone. Naturally, this may happen occasionally because the consumer thinks, for instance, that their phone is in better shape than it is. However, when this happens regularly, it appears to be a site problem, not a consumer problem.

Which sites are recommended for selling phones and other electronics? The Whiz Cells and ItsWorthMore. You can see our full reviews on each of these sites by clicking on the links above.

Or you can go directly to the ItsWorthMore site here.

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