The Whiz Cells offers to buy used cell phones and tablets, making an offer online and often paying within 72 hours

Expected pay: Varies by device

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: A cell phone or tablet for sale

What is The Whiz Cells?

The Whiz Cells is a reseller of used electronics, buying used smart phones and tablets and promising payment within 24 hours of receipt.

How it works

To sell here, you’ll register with an email address and password. Then you simply plug in details about your phone, including the model, storage and condition and the site comes back with an offer.

If the offer sounds good, you accept it and the site will send a pre-paid mailing label via email. You then send it to the site and the site evaluates it. And, if all is as you described, the site pays you.

The Whiz Cells review:

Because it is buying for resale, you won’t get as much as you would if you took the time to negotiate with the final buyer. But, it’s highly competitive with other resale sites. And consumers who have used this site are generally enthusiastic about the experience, finding the site to be honest and straightforward about pricing and policies.

However, because you are getting an offer based on your description of your electronics, the site may differ with your evaluation of the item’s condition. In these cases, The Whiz Cells will either make a new offer for the device, or return it to you.

However, if you send a device that was reported lost or stollen, the device will be seized.


Assuming your device is in the condition you stated, The Whiz Cells will pay you the agreed amount within 24 hours. You choose the payment method — check, PayPal, bank transfer, gift card or virtual Visa.


If you don’t mind taking the time to negotiate with the final buyer, you are likely to get more for your phone selling on Swappa. Instead of reselling phones, Swappa simply provides a marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect. When we’ve tested the site, sellers typically earn $100 to $200 more by selling direct. You can sign up with Swappa here.

But, if you want to sell as quickly and easily as possible, The Whiz Cells is a good choice. Almost every cell reseller gets an occasional complaint from consumers, who object to site re-evaluations of their goods. But those complaints are relatively rare here. You can sign up with The Whiz Cells here.

Another good option is ItsWorthMore, which gets even better seller ratings. You can check out ItsWorthMore here.

What their users say: (From Reseller Ratings)

“This the second time I have used TheWhizCells and I cannot say enough good things about this company. I sold them an iPhone the first time and had another great experience when I sold them an iPad. I sent it out the same day as when I received the USPS label. It was delivered in a timely manner and they picked it up on the same morning it was delivered. I got paid within hours for the exact amount I was quoted when I listed my iPad. I 100% recommend TheWhizCells!!!”

“I’ve sold to other companies before, and will be in my list of good companies to work with. They were prompt in sending me everything and were quick with payment.

Quick and easy

“Very easy and quick process. Value was competitive.”

“Checked out the site, got a good deal on my LG G6, accepted the deal and received my package in no time. Shipped it off and got my check for the phone in least then a week. Simply excellent! I will do business with TheWhizCells again.”

Changed offer

“Even though they changed the amount of money they were willing to pay me for the phone, they were very open and honest about it. Communication and speed were awesome!”

“Sold an iPhone 6+ with cracked glass. Sale was executed flawlessly and quickly. Description of phone condition could have been more precise up front, as the Whiz found additional damage than was reported when I tried to sell directly to my carrier, ATT. Net was that the Whiz paid only $10 more than ATT offered. Still, the execution was flawless and I received my check on time. All communication and timelines for the return of the phone went without a hitch. I’d use them again.”

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