What: TheWhizCells is a site that will offer to buy your cell phone or tablet, making an offer online and often paying within 72 hours

Expected Pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$$

Where: Nationwide

Commissions & Fees: Not applicable

Requirements: electronics and the legal right to sell them


The Whiz Cells, like Gazelle, USell and Swappa, will buy your cell phone, making an offer online and paying generally within 72 hours.

Even old and non-working phones can be sold for parts and/or refurbishment. You simply plug in the details about the phone you have to sell; its condition; whether you’re selling with or without accessories; and get an offer.

If you agree to sell, the site will email you the postage stamp for your package. All you need to do is find a padded envelope and mail. (For more expensive phones, they’ll even provide the packaging, however that can slow the process.) Since WhizCells provides the postage, there’s little downside to selling even an inexpensive phone.

The preponderance of consumer reviews were positive. However, some consumers complained that the price they were offered changed when they sent the phone, essentially because Whiz Cells said the phone was in less-pristine condition than the consumer reported when getting a quote. However, the site responded to each such complaint with enough detail to indicate that the consumer may have just been too optimistic about the phone’s condition.

This appears to be one of the better resale sites. However, if you’re willing to spend the time to sell your phone direct to other consumers, you may be able to get a better price by selling through Swappa.

What their users say: (From Reseller Ratings)

“Very easy and quick process. Value was competitive.”

“You rate and send in your merchandise and then the company evaluates and gives a lower rating so you are so to speak at the mercy of the company after all said and done. I sort of had a preconception that this could possibly happen but it is what it is. There was a phone number available that was in the description as I wanted to talk with someone directly about the issues but no one returned my call after leaving a detailed message. They do give you a chance to accept a lower offer which is understandable to a certain extent since evaluations will vary just like when you when you try selling/trading your car. Not to ramble on, I feel the overall transaction was basically (“somewhat”) ok and payment was very prompt, however I still had certain reservations on a few issues that I really didn’t want to try and discuss back and forth through email. Would I do it again or recommend to others…..”maybe?” Thanks!”

“I sent in my Samsung Note 2 and Galaxy 4.I listed them as GOOD – no issue with either screens and after there inspections told that there is a burn in offer is now $10 less than original offer.Did not want to take a chance on them shipping me a switched device so no headache we took the offer. We are very meticulous with the care of our devices and We know what we sent was good with no screen issue.Seller beware”

“Checked out the site, got a good deal on my LG G6, accepted the deal and received my package in no time. Shipped it off and got my check for the phone in least then a week. Simply excellent! I will do business with TheWhizCells again.”

“Even though they changed the amount of money they were willing to pay me for the phone, they were very open and honest about it. Communication and speed were awesome!”

“Sold an iPhone 6+ with cracked glass. Sale was executed flawlessly and quickly. Description of phone condition could have been more precise up front, as the Whiz found additional damage than was reported when I tried to sell directly to my carrier, ATT. Net was that the Whiz paid only $10 more than ATT offered. Still, the execution was flawless and I received my check on time. All communication and timelines for the return of the phone went without a hitch. I’d use them again.”

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