What: ItsWorth More is a site that will offer to buy your smart phone, mac, ipad or surface laptop for resale

Expected pay: NA

Husl$core: $$$$

Fees & Commissions: NA

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: electronics to sell and the legal right to sell them


Like TheWhizCells and BuybackWorld, Its Worth More is in the business of buying (and reselling) used cell phones, tablets and a limited number of other electronic devices. The site provides an instant quote based on your device’s model and condition; emails the appropriate postage; and pays promptly. 

Consumer complaints mainly revolved around getting less than described on the site, however, often for a good reason. For instance, several consumers noted that the offered price was dramatically higher on the quote. But, acknowledged that the glass screen had been replaced. ItsWorthMore responded that anytime a screen is replaced, the site considers it a “refurbished” phone, which significantly reduces the value.

Replaced screens didn’t appear to be as big of an issue with other sites, so if you’ve had a screen replacement, you may want to sell elsewhere. Otherwise, this is another good option for those selling smart phones, tablets and some computers.

Other sites worth considering to sell electronics (particularly phones) are Swappa and Amazon.

What their users say: (From the Better Business Bureau)

“Amazing service from beginning to end. I started the process April 18th, and had my check in the bank by the 29th. They quoted me the most I could have expected for my iPhone 6 Plus and that quote did not change after the evaluation. You just need to be honest and forthright with the condition of your phone. Highly recommend and will definitely use them in the future.”

I sent my iPhone 5S to Its Worth More based on their online valuation of $75. After receiving my phone which had always been in a protective case they indicated it was damaged and that the screen would need to be replaced. The adjusted their offer to $30. I called customer service and they were willing to increase the offer to $35. After speaking to a supervisor and having no success I requested that they return my phone. I then sent it to Gazelle and received a payment of $65 after they quoted me $60 on their website. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The company responded saying that they determined the cover was loose and would need repair. As for Gazelle: “We have a very different business model than Gazelle…”)”

“I was initially hesitant about using this website because I had never heard of them before – but do not let that stop you. I did a lot of price comparison online and I am so glad I chose them. They offered, by far, the most money for my Macbook. I requested packaging and a box to send it to them, and they sent it out to me in just a few days – you have no idea how helpful this is! The service was friendly and the turn around was quick. I was so pleased with everything, I even decided to sell an old iPad of mine at the last minute (threw it in to the box with the Macbook!). Can’t wait to use you guys again in the future. Thanks.”

“I can’t give them high enough praise. I spent some time looking at various websites, a few companies like G*******, T*****, B*******, etc for the best buy back price of my iPhone 6S Plus. Some of them were laughable, offering back like $150. I stumbled upon ItsWorthMore.com and found they had by far the highest buy back price of anyone. They offered $267, the next highest was around $225. So I went ahead with the process, mailed in my phone and waited a few days for their evaluation. They email me back and tell me they felt there was one minor discrepancy with my phone. I had a nice back and forth email conversation with them, and I told them that the screen was in excellent shape, battery worked perfectly, phone was only 9 months old, and that I was very hopeful they could overlook the small issue. They did! They told me they valued me as a customer and they would stay with the original $267 offer. I have told my friends to go through them because of this. I will always go through ItsWorthMore.com now because of how they treated me and because they offered the most money back.”

“Did not find them honest. They lowered my price about 60% once I sent it in by saying I replaced the screen on the phone. The phone was in great condition and I did replace the screen at the phone store. It worked great. I feel they should have asked that question in the appraisal process and I should not find out after I sent it. I told them to send it back because I feel it is a gimmick.”

“This is site is the real deal. I got quoted a price and with their evaluation of it, it went down a little bit due to scratches on the screen but they still paid the most for my phone that I could find anywhere. They give you a packaging slip and get you your money super quick. If you have any electronics sitting around that you want money for they are the best to go with in my opinion.”

“Awesome business! I submitted two ipads, one old and one broken. Due to my ignorance I claimed my older ipad was an even older model than it was, they were honest enough to tell me and increased my offer! My check was sent to me, but due to mail theft that had to reissue it to, they did so with no problem. I would definitely recommend them…the fact that I got anything for my broken ipad was nice, but catching my error in the model selection shows true integrity.”

 “When my MacBook Pro was evaluated they decreased the quoted amount because of an issue with the screen. I gave the laptop a thorough review before I sent it and the issue was not present. They offered no photos or proof of the issue, I ended up giving in because the laptop was already in their possession. “

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