Tastemade is a lifestyle network that offers food programming, recipes and experiences. Chefs can sign up to offer the experiences online or in person

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: paid by clients, not cooks

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18+, able to sign a legal contract; events and fan subscriptions must get site approval

Tastemade review:

Tastemade is a media company focused on lifestyle entertainment, including cooking. The site enlists “makers” — i.e. cooks and lifestyle influencers — to sign up to offer both fan subscriptions and events. These events can be done in person or via livestream.

You’re in charge

When a maker hosts an event, he or she sets the price, location, capacity, menu, date, rules and other terms. Tastemade simply books the events and adds a service fee to the client’s bill. Events can also be virtual — live streamed at a time set by the cook.

Makers who choose to offer “fan subscriptions” also set the terms, deciding what’s included and what it costs. Fans might, for instance, pay $20 a month for access to fan-only recipe ideas, merchandize discounts, events, or monthly chats. The maker decides what the fan subscription costs and what it includes. Once again, Tastemade simply provides the connection and collection services, charging the client, not the creator

Rules and opportunities

Cooks/makers also determine how to accept bookings. They can accept them on a first-come/first-served basis; on an invite-only basis; or they can approve or disapprove bookings individually. The only caveat with the individual approval arrangement is that if you must respond promptly or Tastemade will automatically reject the booking so that the client isn’t left hanging.

Tastemade’s terms are pretty straightforward, simply demanding that makers don’t offer anything illegal or immoral.


Makers get paid through Stripe and pay no commissions or fees on the prices they set. Tastemade reserves the right to charge fees to makers, but currently does not.


This site reaches millions of foodies worldwide, which makes it a great place to connect with an audience. We highly recommend signing up here. If you like offering meals in your home, it’s also worth signing up with EatWith.

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