Got tech skills? Dozens of platforms will help you find technology jobs. By and large, people with great tech skills can set their own rates and work when they want. Depending on your specific technology skills, you may want to also check out our post on jobs for the technologically creative.


If you have at least five years of experience, you can apply to find technology jobs through Braintrust. Braintrust is a tech cooperative that gives all accepted freelancers a piece of the network. The site charges job seekers nothing, but  adds a 10% fee to client bills to pay network expenses. Freelancers get 100% of their rates. Learn more about Braintrust here.


Freelancers on the FreeUp marketplace joke that they’re screened like they’re going through airport security in a war zone. But if you get through this screening process, they rave that you find plenty of work and it’s well paid. Once through screening, you set up an account and view open projects from employers. If you want to take a project, you contact the client for a brief — 10 to 15 minute — chat, during which time the client decides whether or not to hire you. Learn more about FreeUp here.

Sign up for FreeUp here.


Although it’s somewhat counter-intuitive to imagine that you’ll find well-paid technology work at a site known for offering $5 jobs. But Fiverr has morphed into a far more sophisticated and attractive site for workers over the past few years. The key for people with high-end skills is signing up for the site’s “pro” network. If approved, you’ll get a badge that marks you as a seasoned pro and demands that you get more money for your services. But, you’ve also got to be careful and specific about how you list services on this site. You can learn more about Fiverr here. 

Or sign up for Fiverr here.

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