Are you digitally skilled and technologically creative? Do you combine a deep love of logic with an artistic sense that could make you a marvelous web designer, digital editor, user-experience expert or cyber security maven? If so, the world is your oyster. Your skills are in hot demand and allow you to charge premium rates for your services.

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Platforms for the technologically creative

WorkingNotWorking and Creatively are both geared toward artists and designers. However, the positions these sites advertise are increasingly digital. So if you’re a designer of beautiful websites or a user-experience expert, who can make websites and apps both intuitive and attractive, these are great places to post a portfolio and look for work. Neither site takes a commission from creatives who find work here. You can find our review of WorkingNotWorking here.

Our review of Creatively is here.

Or you can sign up with Creatively here.


If you have at least five years of experience, you can apply to join Braintrust. A tech cooperative, all prospective freelancers here are given a piece of the network, so your acceptance to Braintrust hinges on being interviewed and accepted by the freelancers already there. Your Braintrust shares don’t pay dividends, they simply give you a vote in how the network operates. Currently, if you find a job through Braintrust, you’ll get 100% of your rate. The site will add a 10% fee to the client’s bill to pay network expenses. Read our full Braintrust review here.

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