What: Trusted hires child care workers and supports them with benefits and advice, including access to a nurse 

Expected pay: $15 to $25 perhour

HuslScore: $$$$

Commissions & Fees: NA

Where: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York & Brooklyn

Requirements: child care experience; up-to-date vaccinations; CPR certification; pass a background check and interview


Trusted is among a handful of gig economy platforms that actually hires its workers. That ensures that workers will earn more than minimum wage and qualify for benefits, such as overtime and health insurance. That immediately boosts the site’s rating in our system.

In addition, the site provides training and ongoing support to babysitters, including access to an on-staff nurse. The site is careful to note that the nurse is not providing health care advice, nor is the sitter expected to provide medical care of any type, but having an adult with experience available to answer questions about the child’s welfare is comforting.


The biggest downside for sitters at the moment is that the site has a limited geographic reach, providing care in just a few cities. That said, if Trusted happens to operate in your neighborhood and you’re looking for a vetted childcare position, this is our top pick in the category. You can find other childcare opportunities with Urban Sitter, Bambino and Care.com.

What their users say:

(From Glassdoor)

I have been working at Trusted Child Care part-time (More than a year) You only work the hours you chose and are not pressured to take on more (or less) hours; the payment is clear and every two weeks; you can choose the areas in which you’d like to work and if you don’t have a car, you don’t have to work outside of the city of your choice; clear expectations from management about quality of childcare; 24/7 support during bookings; Town Hall’ meeting opportunities to come together with other employees and ask questions or give feedback to management; opportunities for raises and recognition of great work; friendly staff who care about not only your employment with Trusted, but also your success in other roles such as being a student.

Trusted pays for Uber/Lyft rides from bookings that end at 11 pm or later; the site does background checks on both employees AND families, making bookings safe for all involved. They have formulated questions to ask each parent before a booking so providers get all their questions answered and parents feel safe about getting consistent care from a variety of providers; schedule can be set months in advance; integrated Google Maps in the app, helping providers easily find their way to the bookings; and providers are given a tote bag with a phone to use for video monitoring, summary sheets of what happened during the booking, toys for distracting distraught kids, and a first aid kit.