What: Uber Eats is a food delivery platform that’s every bit as cagey about how it pays its drivers as its sister company, Uber. 

Expected pay: $2 – $10 per delivery

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: vary

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Vary based on whether you deliver by car, bike or scooter. If car or scooter, you’ll need a driver’s license, registration and insurance. Age 16-19 +


Uber Eats is every bit as opaque about how it pays its drivers as its parent company, Uber. Drivers say the company’s pay formula varies from city-to-city. However, pay is made up of three components: A pick-up fee; a mileage payment; and a drop-off fee. Drivers also get 100% of customer tips, if the customer chooses to tip.

The guaranteed fees usually amount to $1-$2 each. So any given delivery could pay as little as $3. However, because Uber is among the market leaders for both driving and delivery services, you’re likely to get back-to-back jobs when you work during rush hours.

This can make Uber Eats among the better paying delivery applications, according to Gridwise, a smart-phone tool that helps you manage your driving and delivery side hustle.

However the thing we don’t like about this platform, besides the lack of pay transparency, is that Uber Eats emphasizes that tips are optional. In reality, tips are a big part of driver pay in food delivery. Other apps encourage generous tips, which makes it likely that you’ll earn more per gig there. 


The best way to make a good living with driving and delivery apps is to use several apps in concert and drive primarily at times of peak demand — i.e. lunch and dinner hours. If you drive with Uber Eats, we’d recommend that you also sign up with GrubHub and, perhaps, DoorDash, Uber and Lyft, too. 

What their users say (from Indeed):

I’ve been working with Uber eats for about a year now and I also work for several other companies. Notably, I make more money with Uber eats because of my customer tips. When the restaurants make mistakes and give the food to the wrong drivers, it can take a lot of time to work that problem out. Whenever I have to call customer service the very polite and kind however, you can tell they are a cog in the machine just like myself. It would be nice to get paid more or receive fuel and maintenance bonuses.

Pay is ok and tips can be great. There’s a lot of wear on the car though and some days were not worth the gas .

It’s a great job to have especially during the pandemic. Create your own hours and work whenever you want to. Work up to 12 hours at a time before you have to take 6 hours off.

Don’t get paid hourly only like $2-3 a delivery don’t make much. I think Uber partner can do a lot better than $2-3 a delivery. DoorDash pays a little bit better. Try harder.

You are your own boss, so you get to drive whenever you want, although there are peak times of the day when you can make a little more. The only downfall of the job is the amount of driving you do weekly. 

The pay was usually pretty good if I drove in the evening. Would definitely recommend if you find yourself out of a job and need money.