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Want to walk dogs for pay? Rover is your best choice for a litany of reasons.

First, it gets more than twice the web traffic of its nearest competitor, Wag. That means you are twice as likely to find a client here. You write your own profile, emphasizing what you want to do. You only want to walk dogs? That’s fine. You prefer to watch cats or small dogs? No problem. You do housesitting, but not boarding? Just boarding? Just grooming?

Your services and prices are up to you. And the site encourages smart precautions like meeting potential dog-sitting clients in advance to make sure the animal is not overly aggressive.

The freelancer sets his or her rates for each service, and posts photos of themselves, their space, and the animals they’ve cared for. There’s no money due until someone books services. At that point, Rover will collect payment and deduct a marketing commission. Freelancers tell us they can easily make $1,000 a month doing Rover just part-time.

You can sign up to watch pets through Rover here.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for someone to care for your pets, you simply plug in your zip code, dates and a few other details — like whether you have a big animal or small one. The site then matches you to a plethora of potential freelancers willing and able to help. I’ve found truly delightful dog sitters on this site.

You can book a pet-sitter here.

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