What: The American Kennel Club’s Marketplace allows breeders to sell their purebred puppies; advertise grooming and dog-related businesses

Expected pay: widely variable

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions and fees: $29 per 90-day listing of your puppies-for-sale; $100 annually to advertise your grooming business

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be an AKC member; if you are a breeder of distinction, you may be able to register and sell your puppies on the site for free

Review: If you are a breeder of purebred dogs, you should consider a membership with the American Kennel Club, which provides information and support to breeders. The site’s marketplace also allows you to advertise your litter and grooming services. (The site also has marketplace listings for dog boarding and walking, but those services are provided through Rover.) Although you can advertise more cheaply elsewhere, the AKC imprimatur provides a valuable stamp of approval for your puppies and is likely to bring serious buyers willing to pay real money for your breed. 

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