Want to earn $100 in a single day with a side hustle? A site called NetCredit studied top-paying side hustles and came up with nearly 20 that would pay $100 or more and could be done quickly enough to deliver the next day. Notably, the vast number of these hustles fall into three broad job categories — marketing, design and writing. And, while some of these high-paying hustles require specialized skills, many of the $100 hustles are readily accessible to almost anyone who has some life experience and a good command of English.

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$100 hustles

NetCredit put this list together by studying more than 81,000 job advertisements on Fiverr, a broad-based work platform. It then created average wages for one-day turnaround job listings offered by top-rated freelancers. Notably, Fiverr provides a good case study for this type of research because the platform draws millions of customers from around the world and allows the roughly 830,000 freelancers who use the platform to set their own rates and terms, including project deadlines.

SideHusl.com‘s editors culled the NetCredit list to focus on the three categories of $100 hustles that dominated the list. We’ve also included information about other online platforms where you can nab these jobs.


Four of the top slots on NetCredit’s list went to marketers.

The most lucrative of all U.S. hustles in the study, in fact, was for freelancers offering marketing strategy services.

What is marketing strategy? It’s taking at look at the product or service and evaluating the best ways to promote it, given the nature of the product or service, the target demographic, budget and other factors.

A marketing strategist would dive into the details of your business or product and come up with a plan that shows what percentage of your marketing budget should be spent on, say, social media marketing vs. SEO, email, or traditional advertising. More detailed marketing plans would include whether to use billboards vs. Google ads; TikTok vs. Facebook, etc..

Average pay for a one-day turnaround project in marketing strategy: $178.

People creating spokesperson videos got paid an average of $131.

Other $100 hustles include Mobile App marketing. This can involve getting your app in more App-store search results by analyzing your competitors, ranking keywords and making sure that your app description shines. It can also involve using other types of media, including Google ads, to promote your app. Average pay for this specialty: $110.

Finally, social media marketers earn an average of $103 for promoting a brand or product on sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Snap.

Where to snag marketing work

If you have these skills, and you want some help marketing your marketing service, you can create a profile on Fiverr. This site invites freelancers to say who they are; their experience; and then create a service “package” that spells out specifically what you’ll do, when you’ll deliver it and how much it costs. You don’t need experience. But, if you have vast experience, you can ask to join Fiverr’s pro network, which allows you to work on higher-paying corporate jobs.

However, if you don’t want to create your own pitch on Fiverr, there are several other marketing agencies that actively enlist freelancers to work with their clients. These include MarketerHire, Mayple and GrowTal. All three of these sites let freelancers set their own rates and specialties. Freelancers on all three sites often earn $50 – $100+ per hour. Notably, college degrees are not required. But all three want details about how you’ve moved the needle on past marketing projects.


An astounding eight of the top 20 $100 hustles in the U.S. involved some type of design — website, UX (user experience), industrial, brand/style, packaging and label designs, as well as app design, presentation and dashboard designs.

It’s worth noting that many of these design jobs are the visual equivalent of the marketing work discussed above. By and large, what designers are doing is improving a product or brand’s image with intuitive layouts, colorful and pertinent graphics, and compelling content.

In addition to Fiverr, several online platforms offer design work. These include Creatively, WorkingNotWorking, FreeUp, and Awesomic. If you’re specifically looking for User Experience or Website design work, BrainTrust and TopTal are also worth considering.


Only two writing jobs appears in the top 20 $100 hustles. Writing LinkedIn profiles can net you $110, while songwriting can generate $158. However, a number fall just below this threshold.

Writing press releases can net $97; Ghostwriting averages $92 and editing and critique writing pays an average of $86.

The best place to find niche writing jobs, such as writing LinkedIn or dating profiles, is Fiverr. However, there are better sites to ply blog writing, editing and songwriting.

For ghostwriting and blog post writing, the best sites include ServiceScape, Contently and Skyword.

ServiceScape allows writers to set their own rates, which are usually based on a set word-count per page. With Contently and Skyword, corporate clients set the rates and the sites enlist freelancers to provide the service, based on their expertise and interest.

If you happen to be a songwriter, also check out Songfinch. This site pays you to write custom songs for people celebrating special events, like weddings and anniversaries. You can sign up with Songfinch here.


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