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Alamy encourages photographers to upload their images and allow the site to sell them to news organizations, bloggers and others, promising better commissions than most stock photo sites.

Expected pay: varies

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 50% – 83%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: none noted

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Alamy Review:

Alamy encourages photographers to upload their images and allow the site to sell them to news organizations, bloggers and others. However, Alamy differentiates itself by making top royalty rates more widely available to its contributors. For instance, where you’d need to sell an astounding 25,000 images to earn a 40% royalty at Shutterstock, you can earn that 40% royalty at Alamy after ringing up just $250 in annual sales. The site bumps you up to the higher royalty level whenever you qualify.

In addition, where iStock and Getty Images impose huge restrictions on contributors who go after “exclusive” license deals, Alamy’s exclusive license simply means that you have not submitted that particular piece of art to any other site for licensing. And, if you agree to this exclusive deal, you earn a 50% commission on that sale. You can sign up to list your photography on Alamy here.

What we like

This site’s contract is far more contributor-friendly than those offered by the site’s competitors, Shutterstock, Adobe Images, iStock and Getty Images. Alamy’s commission schedule is also far superior to what’s offered by its competitor stock photo companies.

On the other hand…

Unfortunately, the friendlier freelancer terms may be necessary because Alamy doesn’t have the market penetration that the big guys command. This may mean that you’ll make fewer sales here. As a result you should also upload your non-exclusive photo stock to other sites including Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Getty Images.

Contributors are paid once a month, once they have accumulated at least $50 in their account.

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What their users say:

“I love you Alamy, but I’m breaking up with you,” –Brutallyhonestmicrostock

From Trust Pilot

“Great site for contributors with the best earnings in the market! The only problem is that to get a sale is extremely difficult!”

“I have been contributing to Alamy for a few years now. After the initial rejection, I left it for a while until I felt that my photography had improved sufficiently. I have never sold a photo in the time I have been with them. Maybe it is the subject matter. But I will be going elsewhere I think.”

“Alamy started as a stock photo agency that Picture BUYERS trusted. I licensed thousands of dollars of images during my years as a photo editor for a large publisher. Now that I’m retired, I sell my own images on Alamy. I really can’t understand the bad reviews here. I’m happy with the results of my sales – not a lot, but I only have 500 images on their site.”