What: Adobe Stock allows you to sell your photographs through the site’s extensive and popular photo library, but the royalty rates won’t make you rich.

Expected pay: 30 cents to $3.30 per photo

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 65% to 67%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 18 or older

Adobe Stock Review:

Adobe Stock is a division of the giant software company, which is one of the biggest names in multimedia and creativity software. The site promises to pay photographers 33% to 35% of the amount it collects for your photos, which is a generous royalty rate.

However, Adobe Stock makes its photos available to buyers largely through discounted subscription plans that give users the ability to upload between three and several hundred images a month. That means that photographers who sell through the site are likely to earn between 33 cents and 3.30 for any individual sale.

If your photos prove popular and are uploaded frequently, that can still provide decent royalty payments. But to compete with the thousands of other photos on the site, your art needs to be extraordinary. That said, Adobe Stock does not limit your rights to sell your photos elsewhere. So you can consider the site just one of many stock photo options in your quiver.

Other sites to consider:

Shutterstock and Snapped4U.

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Want to try Adobe Stock?

Here’s a link to the Adobe Stock site

What their contributors say:

PetaPixel earned a royalty of 25 cents. (Adobe appears to have hiked its minimum royalty rate since 2017, when PetaPixel’s post was written.)

From G2.com

As a photographer that regularly submits to Adobe Stock, I am hard pressed to make much profit on any of my photos. Most buyers have the subscription model which means I only make 99c each time a user purchases any photo.

I have been on both ends of Adobe Stock, as both a buyer and a seller. I am a photographer and I choose to sell some of my images on Adobe Stock. It is competitive; there are many other stock image platforms available. But as a seller, this is more of a disadvantage for me, as images sell for a lower price than on some competing platforms.