Boldly hires experienced executive assistants for long-term remote work

Expected pay: $24 – $28 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 7 years of experience, references, technological skill, computer, up-to-date software and reliable internet connection

Boldly Review:

Boldly, previously known as WorldWide 101, specializes in finding “business-grade” virtual assistants — those with experience and journeyman-level skills. The company actually hires its remote workers as employees, so you get benefits, including paid time off.

How it works

Boldly works with Fortune 500 companies, matching virtual assistants with specific jobs and corporations. The site expects its virtual assistants to have at least 7 years of experience. But pays better-than-average wages, starting VAs at $24 to $28 per hour.

The site is looking for long-term employees, however. If you’re just looking for a temporary side hustle, this may not be the right job for you. Boldly specifically wants people willing to work at least 25 hours a week during the regular Monday through Friday work-week.

The site favors military spouses and others who want a full-time remote job.


If you’re interested in working here, you’ll fill out an application that includes a resume and details about what you’ve done before. The site will conduct video interviews, check your references and background. If you’re a fit, you’ll join the team and be paid as an employee on an hourly basis.

Ideally, you’ll be matched with a Boldly client, who you will interact with directly. However, Boldly pays you and protects your off-hours. Clients are told to expect that if they have a request after business hours that their VA will get back to them the following day. You are not expected to be available 24/7.

Employee reviews of this company are extremely positive.

Other recommendations

You may also want to check out Belay.

If you want ideas on how to market your virtual assisting services on your own — in other words, without paying a commission for introductions — check out our blog post: Virtual assisting: A highly-paid, poorly understood position

What their virtual assistants say (from Glassdoor):

Overall, a great company to work for, great care is taken to ensure the potential client is a good fit for long term success. Able to fairly quickly become full time if full time hours are desired. Put an emphasis on making sure we all feel a part of the Boldly team even though we are a fully remote company. Easy to flex your time if you have a personal commitment on a day.

I was initially drawn to Boldly because they are a remote company who is a W2 employer and they had amazing reviews. The more I researched, the more excited I became about their mission and values. After a year of constantly coming back to Boldly’s website, I finally decided to apply. The application and interview process was thorough and well thought out. I was even pleasantly surprised when my final interview was with the Sandra, Founder & CEO of Boldly. I did think to myself “this cannot be real” as it seemed too good to be true. However, after being with the company for a year now I can confidently say that it is real and they are who they say they are.

Caring leadership

The leadership genuinely cares about their employees well-being and promotes work life balance. Leadership consistently shows they care about their employees just as much as their clients and make every effort to support you so you can achieve success. The culture that Boldly has cultivated is truly unique and one that companies everywhere are trying desperately to course correct to get too.

When they say they will look out for your interests, that your happiness is important to them, that they want to help you achieve a work/life balance, they ACTUALLY mean it. They’re not just giving lip service. If you need a job that will help you to feel fulfilled from a career perspective, but will also enable you to pickup your kids from school everyday, walk your dogs regularly, or allow you to take power naps, I would HIGHLY recommend Boldly.

Great work/life balance

I absolutely love it here! Boldly really values work-life balance and as a working mother, I couldn’t be more thankful! The clients that I have assisted have all been really great people to work with and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to support them. I love the culture and how the company promotes positivity, kindness, and team camaraderie. The longer I work here, the more thankful I am to be here!

Boldly is a huge supporter of military spouses! As a military spouse myself, I am so happy to have a career that can move with me. I also have the flexibility to fully manage our household, be present for our kids and support my spouse and his career. Paid vacation is a huge plus as well!

Family-friendly team

“The flexible, self-determined work schedule allows for the best work/life balance I’ve ever had. Another huge pro would be the amazingly supportive, professional, and family-friendly team. The clients, too, have been wonderful and interesting each in their own unique way. Working for Boldly has been such a blessing and I recommend/rave about them all the time! I had been working freelance for several years and my major problems were finding new customers and billing for services. Both of these problems are non-existent with Boldly.”

My husband is currently active duty military. Since we move every year or so, I was struggling to grow my career and maintain the type of employment I was qualified for and interested in pursuing. Worldwide101 has been an absolute dream!

Updated 3/2/2023

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