What: Boldly, previously known as Worldwide 101, specializes in finding “business-grade” virtual assistants — those with experience and journeyman-level skills

Expected pay: $20 – $22 per hour

Husl $core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: none

Where: Nationwide


  • Pass 3 video interviews,
  • have 7 years of experience in relevant positions
  • reference and background checks.
  • Have a high level of internet knowledge and a solid understanding of cloud-based technologies
  • Advanced skills within your professional industry
  • A computer with up-to-date software
  • A fast and reliable internet connection


Boldly, previously known as WorldWide 101, specializes in finding “business-grade” virtual assistants — those with experience and journeyman-level skills. The company actually hires its remote workers as employees, so you get benefits, including paid time off.

Applicants should hear back within 14 days of submitting an online application. The company expects applicants to work between 20 and 25 hours per week. Most of the company’s placements are long-term, so virtual assistants could end up finding long-term assignments.

Moreover, employers are told that their VAs will be available during normal work hours Monday through Friday, so there’s only a slight chance that your weekend or holiday would be interrupted by work. Employee reviews of this company are extremely positive. 

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What their virtual assistants say:

“The flexible, self-determined work schedule allows for the best work/life balance I’ve ever had. Another huge pro would be the amazingly supportive, professional, and family-friendly team. The clients, too, have been wonderful and interesting each in their own unique way. Working for Boldly has been such a blessing and I recommend/rave about them all the time! I had been working freelance for several years and my major problems were finding new customers and billing for services. Both of these problems are non-existent with Boldly.”

My husband is currently active duty military. Since we move every year or so, I was struggling to grow my career and maintain the type of employment I was qualified for and interested in pursuing. Worldwide101 has been an absolute dream!

I’ve been able to work with interesting, innovative clients and grow my own skillset while having the flexibility to work from a home office (wherever home is!). Perhaps what’s been the most pleasant surprise is that I’ve really been able to work with clients with whom I am an excellent fit, and where I’m furthering my career track along with serving them. Working remotely is not for everyone. I thrive in having a dedicated home office (with a door) where I go at the same time every morning with my bag, planner and coffee – just as I would head into a regular office. I dress professionally and give myself “casual Fridays” to keep motivated and keep things in perspective. While there are certain limitations to this path, I have found it to be extremely rewarding and a great fit for the life I’ve chosen!”

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