Category: Rent Other

  • TwistedRoad


    TwistedRoad is a motorcycle rental platform that connects riders with bike owners, who set their own rental rates for their bikes.

    Expected pay: you set it

    Husl$core: $$$$

  • Sniffspot


    Sniffspot connects dog-owners looking for a private dog park with people who own land that can accommodate an off-leash visit.

    Expected pay: You set it (usually $5 to $15 per hour)

    Husl$core: $$$$

  • RentAFriend


    RentaFriend connects people willing to work as a paid platonic companion with people who need company

    Expected pay: You set it

    Husl$core: $$$

  • FriendWithA


    FriendWithA is an online rental platform that specializes in high-end sporting equipment, such as one-wheels, electronic bikes and scooters.

    Expected pay: you set it

    Husl$core: $$$

  • Loanables


    Loanables, now rebranded as “Reventals,” advertises your stuff for rent, but gets so little traffic that it may be a waste of time

    Commissions & Fees: 10%

    Husl $score: $$$

  • StyleLend


    StyleLend is a marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their designer clothing with fashionistas who have a temporary need.

    Expected pay: you set it

    Husl$core: $$