TwistedRoad is a motorcycle rental platform that connects riders with bike owners.

Expected pay: you set it

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 30% to owners; 20% to riders

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Own a legally-registered motorcycle, model year 2000 or newer, that’s in good driving condition and has a clean title.

TwistedRoad review:

TwistedRoad is a peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform that connects potential riders with bike owners. Owners set the terms of their rental, including the daily rental price and availability. When bikes rent, TwistedRoad takes 30% as a site commission from the owner’s pay. It also imposes a fee on renters. (Renters can also buy daily insurance through the site to limit their liability for any loss or collision.)

The site pays rental fees to owners by direct deposit within a few days of the bike being returned.

Precautions for owners

Before renters can secure a bike, they must go through the site’s registration process. In that process, they’ll provide their age, their motorcycle riding experience, a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement. If the potential rider is under the age of 25, there are additional requirements.

The site pulls insurance records on potential drivers to ensure that they don’t have a marred history of speeding and/or crashes. Owners can see these insurance records before handing over the keys.

TwistedRoad’s terms prohibit riders from stunts, off-road riding and wheelies.

…and for riders

For riders, the site demands that any vehicle listed here has a clean title and is in excellent mechanical and physical condition. If there’s a mechanical problem during a ride, it’s the owner’s responsibility to fix it. Physical damage is covered by TwistedRoad’s insurance, which you can buy at check-out. The insurance coverage does have a deductible that riders are responsible for, if they damage the vehicle.


If an owner’s bike gets damaged — or if an owner is sued by a rider or passenger — Twisted Road’s insurance coverage handles the loss, up to the value of the bike or $40,000 for damage; and up to $1 million in liability. Riders are expected to pay any deductibles on the coverage.

Cancellations and late fees

Cancellations are free when done more than a day before the rental. However, if a rider cancels on the day of pickup, they’re charged a $50 cancellation fee, plus the site’s commission. if a renter is more than half an hour late returning a bike, there’s also a late fee of up to $300 a day.


This site appears to do all of the logical things necessary to protect owners — and riders. Thus we highly recommend TwistedRoad. There are no red flags in TwistedRoad’s terms to give pause to owners. And we’ve seen no significant complaints by owners either.

The main complaints we’ve read about the site are from riders who have complained about a cancelled reservation or a mechanical problem with the bike. While these things can happen whenever renting a used vehicle, they don’t appear to be a major concern.

What their users say (Better Business Bureau):

I’ve only rented my motorcycle through this platform twice in the last 2 years, but both experiences were without issue. The renters were properly vetted and returned my bike in the same mechanical condition as when they rented it. I was paid promptly through PayPal according to the platform agreement. Because my first rental was in 2018, when the platform was new, and my most recent rental was in 2020, I can see the improvement in the platform both on the renter’s side and on the owner’s side. 

From Facebook

I rent my bike out thru this platform and have only had positive experiences, and when an issue arises the staff answer and help immediately! 

Twisted Road has been an awesome way for me to maximize the utility of my bike, when I’m not around to ride it. It’s been a great experience to connect with other riders and let them enjoy the Texas Hill Country routes when they visit Austin. I make money, others get to enjoy my area. And the Tiger gets cranked and the fluids get moving.

Just had my 2016 Heritage classic returned in perfect condition! The gentleman who rented it treated it as his own, which we had contact through texting before he arrived to pick it up . He was an experienced rider and I felt comfortable enough to allow the rental. I pretty much made my monthly payment with a 4 day rental, which in these uncertain times is huge. My heart was thumping a little as I watched him pull away, but this helps me keep her in the garage.