FriendWithA is a rental platform where you can list personal items, from skateboards to tools, for rent

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 6% to owner; 14% to renter

Where: Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado and Minnesota

Requirements: Submit to a background check

What is FriendWithA?

FriendWithA is an online rental platform where you can list anything for rent, from camping equipment to bounce-houses. But it’s a particularly popular place to rent out high-end sporting equipment.

FriendWithA Review:

People with equipment to rent out can list it for free. If it rents, there’s a 6% site commission and an insurance charge that varies based on the cost of your goods. Renters pay another 14% to the site.

This is a relatively new platform, so it doesn’t have a vast number of listings nor the sort of traffic that will generate brisk rentals. On a recent test, for instance, we found less than 100 rentals in all of Los Angeles. And these rentals ran the gamut, from studios and camera equipment to the sporting equipment — one wheels, electric bikes, etc. — that FriendWithA is better known for.

However, the site’s terms are simple and reasonable. We also like the fact that founder Stefan Cordova says his insurance policy will pay for loss or damage of your equipment without deductibles or limitations. People who rent on this platform also must sign a liability waiver, to take the onus off those renting out their equipment.


The great thing about rental platforms is they are not exclusive. You can list your items on FriendWithA here.

You can list the same items for rent on all of them, which should vastly increase the chance of securing a rental. Other places to list your equipment: Loanables and CraigsList.

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