Two online platforms allow you to cook at home, inviting paying guests in to enjoy your meals. Both allow you to determine the menu, schedule and price. Both are great cook at home side hustles, well worth signing up for.

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Eatwith is an international platform that offers authentic dining experiences in the host’s own home. You create a profile and then start setting up meals on your own schedule. You say what’s included; provide photographs of the setting and food; and set your own prices. Eatwith takes a 20% commission on sales. Learn more about Eatwith here.

Or sign up for Eatwith here.


Tastemade is a lifestyle media company that enlists “makers” to offer cooking content, ranging from online classes to in-person events. Cooks set the menu, price, schedule and terms. And they can offer “fan subscriptions” here too. With a fan subscription, you can give avid followers merchandize discounts and access to special events and recipes for a price that you determine and that’s collected monthly by the site. Learn more about TasteMade here. 

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