Are you creative with words?

Freelance wordsmiths can make money working for a wide array of content, marketing and editing concerns. And while some so-called “content mills” will try to convince you to write for pennies, many good sites pay professional rates to individuals who can write articles, cover letters, resumes, advertisements, press releases — just about anything.

Here are the best choices for people who are creative with words.


If you’re a writer who is funny and has an irreverent way of looking at the world, try writing for Cracked. One of the largest comedy writing sites on the web, Cracked takes submissions from pretty much anyone. You don’t even need to be over the age of 18. And, if your article is accepted, the pay isn’t too bad. According to Cracked’s “write for us” pitch: “For your first four accepted articles, you will get $150 each. From your fifth article onward, you will get $250. Learn more about Cracked here.

Importantly, too, articles on Cracked are published with your byline and can link back to your own site. This makes the site a solid way to build your writing/comedy resume. That said, the site’s editors expect that your stories will be funny, accurate and well sourced. 


Contently connects companies looking for copy with writers willing and able to produce it. One of the things that makes this site special is that it does not allow writers to bid against one another, which tends to push prices into the basement. Instead, it establishes a price for each piece and then offers the job to a group of writers who would be qualified to complete the work. While the jobs are not all high paying, they fall into a reasonable range and are clearly described so each worker can decide whether the pay is worth the time the project will take. Find out more about Contently here.

Skyword connects Fortune 1000 clients with content creators, who produce blog posts, infographics and corporate videos. The client sets the rate of pay, which can be accepted or rejected by the freelancer. And Skyword charges the client (not the freelancer) a fee for the matchmaking service. The site also adds a kill fee into contracts to ensure that freelancers will not walk away empty-handed if a client changes his or her mind. Learn more about Skyword here.

Creative Writing and Advertising

Creatively connects creative artists of all stripes — animators, fashion designers, web designers, fine artists, writers and producers — with companies and individuals who need their services. The site makes it easy to post a portfolio and apply to jobs offered by a wide array of local and national brands. Writing opportunities listed here range from screen writing, to writing advertisements and marketing materials. Learn more about Creatively.

WorkingNotWorking connects writers, editors, designers, illustrators, developers, animators, photographers, directors, and producers with companies that want to hire them. Currently a division of Fiverr, the site operates independently. It puts all of the cost of finding workers on the companies, allowing freelancers to earn 100% of the rates they set. Learn more about WorkingNotWorking here.

Cover letters/product descriptions/ resumes

Fiverr, once criticized for expecting creatives to work for $5 per job, has morphed into a far more sophisticated marketplace that allows creatives to set their own prices; determine what’s included in a work “package;” and differentiate themselves with “pro” badges when they meet certain criteria. Writers in this marketplace say they can earn six-figures by simply creating a clear description of what they do. That can range from writing blog posts to writing or reviewing resumes, product descriptions, dating profiles, advertising copy — you name it. (The site also lists hundreds of jobs that are not writing related.)

There’s no “bidding” for jobs. Clients find you; decide whether or not to pay the rate you set; and you review each other at the end of an assignment. Better yet, Fiverr’s customer service representatives are good about squelching review blackmail from bad clients bent on getting discounts or free work. Learn more about Fiverr here. If you want to sign up for Fiverr, you can click here. (Fiverr is a affiliate. This does not change our review. But, if you click on this link, SideHusl might earn a small referral fee.)

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