You specialize in writing resumes? Cover letters? Dating profiles? Captions? These are niche writing jobs that can often pay well for the right freelancer. Here are two sites where you can find niche writing jobs.

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ServiceScape connects freelancers in writing, editing, translation and graphic design with people who need their help. The site’s clients can be almost anyone — students and academics looking for help with research papers or resumes; business people wanting proposals and projects written or edited; and/or writers of books, screenplays and other manuscripts. Freelancers set their own rates, but the site takes half of the money you earn. So, factor that steep fee into your rates. That said, several freelancers that charge steep fees have copious positive reviews. So, it seems as if the prices are not a deterrent from winning work. Learn more about ServiceScape here.


Where broad-based work platforms are often tough places to find good work, Fiverr is an exception. The site has evolved from a low-rent job platform to one that allows professionals to charge professional rates for limited-service “packages.” Freelancers delineate what they do and what they charge, narrowly defining the scope of the work. One freelance editor, for example, says she’ll correct spelling and grammar on a 500-word document for $25. If you want her edit to improve clarity and language, it costs $50 for the same document. Rewriting and feedback costs $75. Learn more about Fiverr here.

Or you can sign up with Fiverr here.

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