What: Earn from $40 to $150 per hour as a professional cuddler, providing non-sexual “therapeutic touch” to strangers. 

Expected pay: minimum $34 per hour (after site commission)

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 15% for women; a monthly service fee for men

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be over the age of 18 and accepting of all races, sexual orientations, etc. 


If you’re naturally affectionate and don’t mind sharing some of that platonic affection with strangers for pay, you can become a professional cuddler on CuddleComfort. The site connects lonely clients in need of a hug with people who provide “touch therapy.”

Touch therapists set their own rate of pay. However, this site requires that you charge at least $40 per hour. For women, the site takes a 15% fee off the top, which means the minimum amount you can earn here is $34 an hour, after site commission. But most cuddlers set their rates considerably higher, typically $80 per hour.

You collect payment from the client in person and remit the site’s 15% fee by automatic debit. This system has its drawbacks as you can see in some of the user experiences. (See “what their cuddler’s say” below) 

Different rules for men

The terms are slightly different if you are a male cuddler. Men are charged a monthly fee to post a profile on the site. The site maintains that this isn’t discrimination. It’s a matter of supply and demand. The vast majority of requests are for women. Moreover, the site said some men signed up as a lark. Charging them a monthly fee was a way of weeding out the jokers

Since the average job involves talking, holding hands and, perhaps, sitting on a couch or spooning in bed, this is good money for light work. All of the sites that provide cuddling services emphasize that the job is not about sex. Disrobing, touching private areas, or negotiation for more are prohibited. If the cuddler feels uncomfortable or if the client breaks the rules, cuddlers have the right to leave and still get paid. The site’s terms demand a minimum level of hygiene and cuddlers can charge for travel time.

That said, the nature of the job is that you put yourself in an intimate situation, usually in a private area, with a stranger. That is risky.  Invest in pepper spray and make sure your friends know where you are.

Similar sites where you can find work as a professional snuggler include RentAFriend, SnuggleBuddies, and Cuddlist.

What their cuddlers say ( from TrustSpot):

Love, love, loveeee working as a proffessional cuddler for this site. The funtionality is simple, the layout is easy to follow along. And its surprisingly a very active site for a lot of areas! 

The website is the best zero-entry site for cuddlers, but they have a lot still to do in regards to functionality to be a top tier site.

Why there is no way to collect money from people who don’t show up for appointments or cancel at the last minute? Cuddler rules state we’re supposed to collect this money but how are we supposed to if we’ve never even seen the person? They’re not going to pay us half in advance. I had someone constantly contacting me on the website and texting, basically bombarding me with messages but wasting my time trying to make calls, video chats or meets and they always fell through. He kept creating profile after profile. I had 5 of his profiles banned. If CuddleComfort had the client’s PayPal or bank account information that would stop him from being able to register multiple profiles.

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