What: Explore Talent is an expensive (and likely useless) pay-to-play acting agency

Expected pay: none

Husl $core: $

Commissions & Fees: $49.95 per month

Where: National

Requirements: Be star-struck and gullible


Normally we wouldn’t even bother with a site like Explore Talent because YOU pay THEM for the opportunity to MAYBE find a job. That’s not a legitimate money-making opportunity in our book. But people may imagine that this is a way to break into acting, so, here’s the skinny on real acting jobs: Auditions are free. Agents don’t charge you until and unless they find you work. But if you sign up with Explore Talent, you’ll pay some big bucks before you ever land a part — and you may never land a part.

Here are their fees from their Terms of Service: “This Agreement, which includes the registration form, sets out the terms on which Explore Talent provides the Service. The current applicable charge is $49.95 per month. Also currently available are discounted prepaid packages as follows: Pro Talent packages: US$39.73 per month, US$99.73 per 3 months, US$188.73 per 6 months, US$288.73 per 12 months, US$475.00 per 24 months and US$575.00 per 36 months (24 and 36 months not available in California).Featured Talent packages: US$19.95 per month, US$49.95 per 3 months, US$79.95 per 6 months and US$129.95 per 12 months.” 

$ideHusl doesn’t have a zero Husl$core ranking, but this site makes me wish we did.

What their users say: 

“Please do not give explore talent your money! This is a complete scam! I just wanted to let you all know that I have been in 1 movie ( follow me ) and 2 tv shows (bunk’d and Jessie) and from a person with experience .. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR AUDITIONS! All auditions for movies, tv shows, modeling, etc. Are always free :)”

“SCAM SCAM SCAM I had to do my research first because they was asking me to pay for a membership because my profile was the first one to be chosen and I asked why should I have to pay if my profile has been the first to be chosen he could not give me an answer don’t do it. it’s a waste of your time and when you try to cancel the profile they really won’t let you they keep trying to get you the pay for 6 months or if you can pay for through six months pay for three months it’s bogus don’t waste your time me and my dad set up all night when the first guy called me and told me I had auditions but once we started talking to him and he could not give us the name to the company who was looking at my profile and we knew it was a scam, don’t do it, be warned and don’t read the five star comments they’re not true.” 

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