What: Favor is a delivery service that provides a $9 per hour base pay, but deducts your tips from that, so it’s unlikely you’ll earn much more

Expected pay: $9 to $12 per hour

Husl$core: $$$


Texas only, in the cities of Addison, Arlington, Austin, College Station, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Houston, Katy, McKinney, Plano, San Antonio, San Marcos, Sugar Land, The Woodlands


  • 18 years or older
  • Have an iPhone or Android
  • Have reliable transportation (car, bike, scooter)
  • Pass a background check


Favor is a delivery service that provides a $9 per hour base pay — a plus in the largely rotten-paying delivery marketplace. But that base pay only kicks in if you earn less than $9, including your tips, so the chance of earning much more is slim.

You use your own car, so you also have to account for gas and wear and tear, which eats into your hourly wage. However, unlike many delivery jobs, you at least know you’ll get the minimum.

Other apps we’d recommend: Amazon Flex, Lyft and Wingz.

What their drivers say:

“Favor itself doesn’t pay that well, mostly work for tips. Driving around uses a lot of gas and they do not reimburse you. Sometimes not worth the hassle if people have a small order.”

“This job is pretty neat like the other reviews had stated you get to pick your own hours. there is a catch. you get less then 10 min to pick your schedule before someone else takes it. so if your not clocked into the website and clicking as fast as your little fingers can click you don’t get work that week or even the schedule you want. you do go to an area with in the delivery zone and wait for them to send you a favor. its pretty neat you get all the info you need figure out if the guy/girl is in the zone if so go get the stuff bring it to them. however, lately i have been getting multi favors at once which is leaving the other customer on hold for quite some time before i can even start theres leaving them not as pleased. you have to buy your own shirt and cooler at the beg of the employment stage. you do not get gas reimbursement nor insurance or even any kind of wear and tear on your car. if you don’t make enough in tips and you fall short you will make the bare minimum of 9 dollars. however it takes about 30 an hour to an hour to run 1 favor and you get ok tips. I have been averaging about 12 to 13 an hour. I recommend this only if you have other means of income.”

“Great for extra money on weekends however if you aren’t scheduled, you can still work, but you won’t be guaranteed the basis $9/hour. With the expansion to Favor more Runners have been hitting the streets of Dallas, unfortunately that means less shifts have been opening up. If you plan on working 5:00pm-10:00pm you’ll make at least $12/hour!”

“This job is literally the most flexible job you would have in your lifetime. I currently am still loving this job and not one flaw to find. You choose your hours on the app and you also can clock out early if you want to. The money is mainly made from tips, but I always got a tip higher than 5. They also have something set up called guaranteed pay. That comes in to play when you pick up something off the schedule shifts. It would have base pays from 9-10 an hour. Lets say you didn’t make that much that hour and you only made 7 in tips. Well that’s where guaranteed pay will take place. The amount will be matched so instead of you making 7 it would be 9. That’s only if you pick up a scheduled shift. Now there’s also something where you can just work whenever you want. The only problem is you won’t get that guaranteed pay. But aye, money is money.”

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