If a good physical job for you involves working in a bar or restaurant, your first step should be to apply at local establishments. However, several gig sites can also help you find part-time food service jobs.

Food service jobs

Qwick connects individuals and companies that are hosting events with cooks, waiters, bartenders and concession attendants capable of staffing these events. Operating in eight major markets, the site promises to provide potential workers with all the information they need to accept or reject a shift.

Jitjatjo differs from most side hustles in that the company actually takes you on as a part-time employee. That’s a huge benefit because it means that they will pay the employer’s portion of your Social Security and Medicare taxes, which add to 7.65% of whatever you earn. Jitjatjo pays through Instant Pay, which solves any worries you might have about waiting for a paycheck.

CafeTemps connects restaurant staff with food service jobs. Workers set up profiles on the site, stating their experience, work geography and how much they expect to be paid. Companies that hire from the site must pay the worker’s rate, plus a 12% site fee for the connection. Generally, workers also must pay CafeTemps a 5% commission from their wages.

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