What: Qwick is a staffing platform for part-time and flexible jobs in the food and beverage industry.

Expected pay: Minimum wage – $30 per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 40% of the worker’s pay, paid by the employer

Where: 23 cities in the U.S.

Requirements: smart phone, prior experience, any required licensing (such as food handlers certificates for chefs); attend an online orientation


Qwick connects individuals and companies that are hosting events with cooks, waiters, bartenders and concession attendants capable of staffing these events. Operating in 23 markets, the site promises to provide potential workers with all the information they need to accept or reject a shift. This includes the location, start time, pay, staff contact, parking, and required dress code. You’ll also be told what type of event it is and how many people will be attending.

Qwick vets each worker through an online application and orientation, where they’ll need to pass a “certification” test that presumably reflects their experience and skill. Any worker with a rating below 3.5 stars is kicked off the platform and will not receive any more shifts. But the site has the same standard for businesses, so you’re likely to find that this site’s employers are more agreeable than most. 

What sets Qwick apart

This platform has two big advantages for workers.

First, if you set up Instant Pay on your account, you can get paid for a shift within an hour of completing it. Without Instant Pay, you’ll still get compensated within days of finishing work. That makes this a nice spot for workers in need of fast cash.

Secondly, the site encourages corporate clients to develop relationships with workers and hire them directly, if they so choose. Unlike most gig companies that levy steep finder’s fees on companies that hire a worker they met through a gig site, Qwick expects no remuneration. Says the site: “We believe that helping quality people to find quality jobs will help to build great long-term relationships with the businesses that we partner with.”


If you’re looking for jobs in bars, restaurants and events, also consider signing up with Wonolo. If you’re on the East Coast, also check out Jitjatjo.

What their users say (from Indeed):

“Great company to work for; however it is not enough hours or shifts. It’s either feast or famine!”

“You get the freedom to pick your shifts and get free food too at most of them. A lot of the places will offer permanent work to repeats as well. Overall a great gigs ap.”

“I can pick up shifts when I need extra money; it’s convenient and always works out. My pay and benefits are in my bank account within two business days, if I don’t do the instant pay.”

“Helps me pay bills…i cant complain. Register with the App . take some certifications. Then look for shifts to pick up. Not all will be close to you. You pick which ones you want.”

“I enjoy working for Qwick, as I do like to make my own schedule and task out my own positions. I’ve worked places from 5-star to mom ‘n pop restaurants through Qwick. Meeting new people in the biz daily and weekly is definitely beneficial in gaining skills and expanding my horizons.”

“I signed up with Qwick went to orientation, and haven’t received any assignments. However, did receive a last min assignment that was an hour and a half away for on 13.00 hourly. Complete waste of time. You cant earn money off this mess. Deleted the app.”

“I love the flexibility and the compensation but the frequency is random and unpredictable which makes it hard to earn a living. You need additional employment as primary income.”

Updated 12/1/2022

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