What: Gazelle is one of the early entrants in the market to buy used electronics and appears to have set many of the industry standards 

Expected pay: NA

HuslScore: $$$$

Commissions & fees: Not applicable

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: A cell phone or another Apple product and the legal right to sell it


Gazelle is one of the early entrants in the used electronics game and appears to have set many of the industry standards. You click on what you want to sell; report its condition; and get a quote online.

If you agree to sell, the site will send you packaging materials and postage to pack up your, say, iPhone and send it in. (Gazelle specializes in phones and Apple products.) The site then promises to pay the agreed amount within a week. If, however, the product is not as described, Gazelle will email the consumer with a new offer, which may be less. If you still like the deal, they’ll pay the revised amount; if you don’t, they’ll ship your phone back at no cost to you.

Unlike Buy Back World, which is riddled with complaints about paying far less than what it offered online, Gazelle’s customers maintain that the site often pays more than its offer because it rates your product more highly than you did. The trick here is that if you price compare quotes on Gazelle, TheWhizCells and ItsWorthMore, Gazelle will likely offer significantly less than the other two sites. However, since it does pay more than promised often enough to matter, it rates as highly as these other opportunities. 

What their users say: (From Site Jabber)

“Gazelle works just as they say. I went to the website, got a dollar amount offer for my device and clear instructions on how to wipe it, and received their box in the mail in 2 or 3 days. I popped my old phone in the mail the next day and received an email with an amazon gift card shortly afterward. The whole thing from start to finish took 8 days. Ive used Gazelle two or three times and its been this way every time – easy money! I see some reviews where people have complained that Gazelle didnt honor the quote or claimed the device condition wasnt as the customer promised, but Ive never had that happen and plan to keep using Gazelle in the future.”

“I sent in 2 old phones. I rated the quality of them and when they got there, Gazelle gave me even more for one of my phones because it was in better condition than I had checked when I sent them in. That’s awesome, especially considering they could have just simply gave me what I checked for my phone. But they went the extra mile and sent me more of a refund than I though I was getting. Thanks Gazelle!!”

“This is the second time I’ve used Gazelle and I’ve been really happy with the entire process – quick, simple, and fair. I tend to take good care of my phones, and because of that both times I’ve used Gazelle they have paid more than the initial offer… like I said, fair.”

“Sent my Iphone 7 plus in and the initial online offer was $252. Two days later I received an e-mail saying it was better than I described and they sent me $540!!!! Why would I even consider using another phone buying service. 5 stars!!!!!”

“Very grateful that there’s a business like this available. I’ve used them 3 times now and have been extremely happy each time.They are quick, honest, and so easy to use.”

“Every step of my Gazelle experience was very nice and smooth. Even though I sent them an Iphone which I assumed was an 5, they emailed me stating that it is not an Iphone 5 but an Iphone 5s and instead of $30 they would pay me $50. I trust this company and I am recommending them to my family and friends.”

“The process allowed me to select the condition of the iMacs, what was included, and then accept the offer made. I shipped in the original iMac boxes and Gazelle paid the shipping via Fed-Ex. Shipping and the time Gazelle took to review the computers was less than 10 days – excellent given that total weight was 75 pounds and one iMac weighed more than 40 pounds. I tracked the shipment via Fed-Ex (7 days). Gazelle’s review agreed with their initial website offer and funds were available within a day. Altogether an easy and fast process. Thank you!”

“Great Price! I was quoted only *$90 with my broken screen Iphone 6plus, but when they receive my package, they contacted me with and updated price of $165!!! What an honest company! Will always trade in or sell my used phone of tablet here.”

“I sent them a Samsung S6 Edge 128 GB phone with a quote of $80. They emailed me back and said it was a 32GB phone and offered $20, which I declined. I gave them two stars instead of one since they sent back the 128 GB phone, so I lost nothing. I do wonder how many times they downgrade a phone and get away with it, I will NEVER do business with this company again.”

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