What: GetAround allows you to rent out your unused vehicle to strangers and set a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate to do so.

Expected pay: you set the rate

Husl $core: $


  • a spare car and the ability to sign a legal contract


Like Turo, this service allows you to rent out your unused vehicle to strangers and set a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate to do so. GetAround also provides an umbrella policy, in case your car is damaged and isn’t covered by your own insurance.

But the reason we rate the service poorly is that you are expected to pay $100 up front to put their software in your car, and pay $20 a month to maintain it. And, by the way, there’s no assurance you’re going to rent out your car often enough to make that expense worth your while. If they do arrange to rent your car, they’ll take a 40% commission too.

Worse, some users say that the software caused car problems. Our advice: Don’t rent out your car, unless it is truly a spare vehicle that you have no near-term plans to use. If that’s the case, you’re better off renting through Turo

What car owners say:

“Horrible, horrible experience. They made sign up very easy but everything after that was awful. I started getting requests for 1-2 hour rides worth $10 or less for me of which I couldn’t deny unless I contacted the driver directly. I was then emailed about how I will start getting charged for their service in a few weeks. WHAT SERVICE? I hadn’t even made any money from them and they wanted money from ME?

“…Then the worst part happened, I head to my car to drive to work and it WON’T START. It’s less than a year old and it won’t start. I called my roadside service company to come jump by car but a jump didn’t work and battery test shows the battery is on good health. I then had to call a tow company to come tow my car to my service center who opens up my car to find out that what GetAround had installed into my car had completely destroyed the wiring in my car that turns the engine over.

Furious, I call them to be told by rude Brandon “oh yeah, sometimes that happens. It’s in the FAQ went sent you, did you read that?” OH OK SO NOW ITS MY FAULT MY CAR WONT START, COOL. I now had spent an entire day paying for a tow and service on my car of which they will not reimburse me for. I also lost a full day of work because of it.  Unreal. Also, when I wrote customer service about cancelling my account – 4 DAYS IN A ROW – I NEVER got a response until I called my rep directly. STAY AWAY!!!”

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