What: GetMyBoat allows you to rent out your watercraft by the hour and/or advertise your water sport lessons

Expected pay: $100+ per hour for renting watercraft with an engine; less for paddle boards & kayaks/ $50 + per hour for lessons

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: owner pays 8.5% of the rental amount for domestic bookings; 11.5% for international charters. (The site charges renters commissions too)

Where: Waterways in most major U.S. cities, as well as 184 countries around the world

Requirements: A boat, jet ski, paddle board or kayak to rent;  the ability to provide lessons, tours or charters on some water sport, from surfing to deep-water fishing; a smart phone

GetMyBoat Review:

GetMyBoat is one of several sites that aim to be the Airbnb of boat rentals. The theory is that if you already have the boat, why not rent it out when you’re not using it?

Boat rentals are usually arranged by the hour and can include a captain, if the renter (or boat owner) so desires. Owners set their own rates. The site takes a commission when the craft is rented.

Where GetMyBoat is a bit different than the other sites is that it does not provide any insurance coverage for your boat, though it can refer owners to commercial liability insurers that owners can contract with separately. (Definitely check your own boat insurance to see if it covers commercial rentals; if it doesn’t, you would want to secure a commercial rider or coverage in some way to protect your boat from damage and you from liability.)

The site also has owners and renters strike separate contracts for the use of their boat. Boat owners are expected to decide on a rental price, determine whether they want a security deposit, decide on cancellation terms (GetMyBoat has three options), and be responsible for making sure that your boat is both seaworthy when it’s rented out and is returned in the same condition.


GetMyBoat is used simply to market the availability of your watercraft and collect payment. Because it includes less in the package, it also appears to be less expensive than some of the other services. However, that may be misleading, depending on what it costs for you to get insurance on your own.

Still, the site’s main competitor, Boatsetter, charges a 35% commission for those who need commercial coverage and 15% to those who already have it — about twice the commission charged by GetMyBoat. Payments are made to boat owners in 3 to 5 business days of the completion of the rental, generally by direct deposit.

Try it?

Want to try GetMyBoat? You can find their website here.*

What their users say (from iTunes)

“GetMyBoat has provided amazing customer service for my company, has build the company into a success bringing amazing kind guest to enjoy the ocean fun.”

“A brilliant way to rent your boat to people. Had a great trip recently teaching people to sail. Easy to use, simple to book.”

“The app gives you almost no options or opportunity to control your listings data. For instance, they auto place a 5-day grace/cancellation period that you cannot change. he app must be designed by bots as you have almost no control to do anything with it. Then come to find out my first customer who appeared to be real was one of their bots faking an interest in my boat. Is bs.”

   COMPANY RESPONSE: “We have substantially improved our options for controlling your listing data on our web platform. Please check it out again and we hope to connect you with some customers soon. We are not bots. I promise.”

Updated 10/21/2021

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