What: GoNannies connects prospective nannies, and other household helpers with clients.  

Expected pay: minimum wage to $35 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: listing is free. But you may need to pay to communicate with clients.

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Be 18 or older, able to pass a background check. Relevant experience is a plus.


GoNannies provides matchmaking services between families that need child or adult care — or household management, cleaning or cooking — and the workers willing to do it.

Theoretically, there is no charge to post a profile and use the site. However, families are unable to contact workers unless they pay a membership fee. And workers are unable to apply for jobs from families that are not yet members, unless they pay the monthly membership fee. The membership fee is $11 per month, which is about par for the site fees usually charged to parents from similar sites. 

Your credit card will continue to be automatically charged every month until you tell them to stop. So, if you pay the membership fee to talk to parents, don’t forget to cancel your subscription once you get a job. And, by the way, we would not recommend paying the fee for parents. After all, if the parent is too cheap to pay to find a trusted sitter, aren’t they likely to pay you poorly?


Other child and adult care sites worth checking out are UrbanSitter, NannyLane, Bambino, and RideZum. If you’re really ambitious, you can start your own daycare center with the help of Wonderschool. 

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*Updated 5/6/2021