What: Wonderschool helps you set up your own daycare business, leading you through the necessary licensing, certification, administration and marketing.

Expected pay: $500 to $2,000 per child, per month

Husl$core: $$$$$

Commissions & fees: 10%

Where: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, San Mateo and New York

Requirements: Be of legal age and willing and able to pass a background check; have the time and location to start a pre-school; be willing and able to become licensed and certified in early childhood education or daycare

Review: Wonderschool serves as a matchmaker between parents looking for daycare and/or early childhood education and the teachers who are willing to provide it. The site will help you set up a new program or simply support your existing program with monthly billing and scheduling services via the Wonderschool website and answering service. You don’t need prior experience to start, but the site wisely suggests that you get the necessary licenses and certifications to get going.

Wondering whether you are ready to set up your own school? Wonderschool’s 10-minute “just dreaming” quiz can help identify areas where you may need help. The site promises to coach you through it, set up social media accounts and a website. After visiting the site and asking a few questions online, the site immediately scheduled a phone interview with a mentor. We were suitably impressed.

Given that Wonderschool only gets paid when you do — and then takes just 10% of your revenue — we think this opportunity is great for anyone wanting to set up a day-care or early childhood education operation. Indeed.com estimates that the average Wonderschool teacher earns more than $67,000, well above the preschool teacher average. 

If you want to provide childcare, but are not ready to open your own school, you can also find babysitting jobs with Urban Sitter, Bambino and Trusted. If you have a car, you may also be able to sign up with RideZum or Kango, which hire background-checked adults to pick up kids from school, get them home or to activities, and, sometimes, to supervise their after-school care.

What their teachers say: 

We were unable to find teacher reviews of this relatively new opportunity. If you have started an operation with Wonderschool, please click on “contact us” and tells us about it.

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