Hampr is an on-demand laundry service that enlists freelancers to wash other people’s clothes

Expected pay: $7 – $26 per load

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 30%

Where: 18 states and the District of Columbia.

Requirements:18+, reliable transportation, smart phone, 4.2 cubic foot washer/dryer, pass a background check, no smoking

What is Hampr?

Hampr is an on-demand laundry service that enlists freelance washers to pick-up, clean and deliver the client’s laundry.

How does it work?

If you want to wash laundry through this site, you’ll sign up online. During this process, you’ll need to provide information about you and your washer and dryer. You’ll also attest to the fact that the laundry you wash won’t be exposed to strong odors or pet hair.

If you’re accepted, the site will start sending laundry offers for you to accept or ignore. These will include how many loads of laundry you’d need to pick up and what you’d get paid for completing the job.

If you accept a wash, you’ll be expected to pick it up, wash, fold and return the completed laundry to the customer within 24 hours.

Details for washers

A Hampr “washr” in Arizona says the site also makes you use scent-free detergent pods from a partner company called Dropps. These cost roughly $16 per 64 pods, or about 25 cents per wash.

Customers can order washes in advance, but normally orders are made on the day the customer wants it to be completed, she adds. Washers then have a two-hour window to make pickups  — between 8 a.m and 10 a.m.; noon and 2 p.m.; or 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. — and are expected to drop off the completed laundry in roughly the same window the next day.

Notably, unlike doing your own laundry, there’s no sorting necessary here. The Hampr rules basically say that customers put everything they want in one load in one bag. You just wash, fold and return.


To qualify as a “washr” on this site, you need to be over the age of 18 and have reliable transportation. Your washer and dryer must have at least a 4.2 cubic foot capacity. You’ll also need a relatively late-model smart phone and be able to pass a background check. Finally, you’ll need to be in good enough shape to climb stairs and carry 20 to 30 pounds.

You’ll also need to live and work in one of 18 states, or the District of Columbia, where Hampr does business. You can find Hampr locations here.


Washers are paid by the load. And loads are basically whatever fits into a 13-gallon trash-bag or one of Hampr’s reusable pop-up laundry hampers. However, there’s no national pay per load. Instead, customer prices and freelancer pay varies by where you live.

In Washington, D.C., for instance, a load costs $25 – $37.50. (Customers who sign up for an annual subscription for $39 per year get a discounted rate.). In Chandler, Arizona, on the other hand, load prices range from $15 to $22.50.

The washer gets 70% of that payment, or somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 and $26 per load. You also get 100% of any tip that the customer adds.

Washers are paid every Friday by direct deposit.


This site operates similarly to Poplin (formerly known as SudShare). However, Poplin pays by the pound, not the load. That seems to give washers at Hampr a better handle on how much they’ll earn. Washer reviews of Hamper are also largely positive.

But if you love doing laundry, you may want to sign up for both.

You can sign up with Hampr here.

What their users say (from Apple App Store)

I’ve worked for this company for a little bit now and I’ve never had any issues really. Support is always fast to get back. They keep up with what’s going on and work on any issues you have quickly or let you know when they can! They’re kind and it’s easy! Love hampr!

This is a great side hustle for anyone! I am a SAHM and it fits my schedule perfectly. Work when i want to, and only commit to what i want, when i want. Support team is amazing. Sign up and see what it’s all about

Perfect and easy side hustle for me. I can work on my own time when I want and decide how much laundry I want to take on. Thank you for developing and creating this app…I wish I heard of it sooner.

App issues

When I first installed the app it opens fast but once I did the updates it now opens slow. Sometimes it won’t open. So I have to close it and try again and then it opens but it is slow. Once I am in it works good but sense the update it is slow.

I got approved to be a Washr and even ordered a huge bulk of the digerent they recommend if customer doesn’t provide their own. I’ve sent over 5 emails asking for help to set up an account for tech error and no one has gotten back to me. Very disappointed and not worth it.

Low pay

They require you to buy detergent they don’t supply it. To make matters worse they want you to use a specific brand of detergent that costs nearly $25!! You are paid less than $8 per load of laundry. Washing, drying and folding can take anywhere from 2 hours of your time. It’s not worth the money. This is like slave work!!


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