Heartbeat pays women with a lot of Instagram followers to tout products on the site

Expected pay: $3 to $50 per post

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: Female with at least a few hundred Instagram followers

What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a smart phone application that pays “influencers” — real people who have at least 500 followers on social media — small fees to peddle products.

How it works

You download the app and then sign up with your Instagram account. The app will then examine your profile, followers and “engagement” to connect you with campaigns. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to be offered a gig. But forget about buying followers. The app tests for authenticity and disqualifies you if your follower list isn’t legitimate.

Assuming you get through the screening process, the app will present you with campaign opportunities, telling you what you’d need to do, how much you’ll earn and the proper hashtags to use when referencing the product.

The pay isn’t much — usually $3 to $5 per campaign — but the work involves snapping and posting photos that you’d probably be taking anyway. If you happen to be in love with, say, H&M clothing, you might even get invited to a few VIP events and get some free stuff. If this is something you might find fun, there’s no harm in signing up. One caution, the app is new and may still have a few glitches, which is the only complaint we saw from users.

Heartbeat Review:

If you are someone who loves to take photographs of yourself, your food, your clothes and tell all of your avid followers about everything you like and hate, but you don’t have the following to get a high-paying influencer deal, you’re going to love Heartbeat, a.k.a. Heartbeat for Ambassadors.

This smart phone application pays you to tout products for major brands by being yourself. The concept is that brands get a better bang for their buck when the people touting them are real people — not actors — and are legitimately enthused about telling their friends about their products. Thus, Heartbeat is going to try to match you with things you’ll like. If you have a lot of engaged followers, you might even get free products, in addition to being paid.

More followers = more pay

Technically, you don’t need a set number of followers to participate, but the fewer followers, the less likely you are to get chosen for a campaign. (This is, after all, advertising and advertising requires an audience.) However, co-founder Brian Freeman says people with few followers can get started with Heartbeat through contests on the platform, where the pay isn’t guaranteed but you could win cash or swag. Eventually, the platform may pay for Facebook posts, too. But right now, the opportunity is only available to those with active Instagram accounts.


Once you have a larger number of followers, consider signing up with an agency that pays more. One good option: Open Influence.

You may also want to list your endorsement services on Fiverr.

If you want to sign up with Heartbeat, you can find them here.

What their users say: (From the Google and Apple app stores)

I already was having issues with the mobile website and never see campaigns on my discovery page until after the deadline. Now with the app i cant even log in. I’ll tap the log in button and nothing happens. Please fix this.

I really enjoy the idea, but I have questions that I can’t seem to get answers to, and my campaigns haven’t updated at all. It’s the 17th, and a campaign expire on the 1st. I haven’t received any new campaigns, ad the ones I have now I can’t do.

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