What: HyreCar is a rental platform that markets your car rental to Uber and Lyft drivers, but puts your car at risk with inadequate insurance coverage

Expected pay: $30 – $40 per day (before commissions)

Husl$core: $$

Commissions & fees: 15% of the rental amount

Where: Most major cities, nationwide.

Requirements: Be over the age of 21 and able to sign a legally-binding contract; have a late-model, 4-door car to rent


HyreCar differs from some of the other car-rental services, such as Turo and GetAround, in that it is not renting your car out to a casual driver. This site specifically aims to rent your car to Uber and Lyft drivers. On the bright side, that means your car is likely to rent quickly and for a long time. The negative is that a ride-share driver is going to have to drive the heck out of your vehicle in order to pay rent to you and still make a decent living. And the car has to be nice enough to get through ride-sharing screens, so you can’t just rent out a junker.

More red flags

But that isn’t the only red flag car owners should be concerned about. Although the site purports to provide additional auto insurance covering your car from damage caused by the renter, the policy is extremely limited. The limitations? It is only in force when the driver has a paying fare. If the person who rents your car gets in an accident while driving home or to the supermarket, HyreCar’s policy doesn’t apply.

Policy limitations

Even when the policy does cover your vehicle, the insurance has lots of holes — like a $2,500 deductible (the amount that comes out of your pocket before insurance kicks in); and exclusions for interior stains, tears and rips, as well as scratches, dents, punctures, window cracks and dings that are under 6 inches in length, and tire damage. All of these items are considered “normal wear and tear,” according to HyreCar’s policy. This may reflect the fact that the wear and tear involved in ride sharing is far from “normal.” 

Should you be worried that someone will crash or dent or take off with your vehicle? Yes. Read the owner reviews below to see just how concerned you ought to be. Our advice, if you are going to rent out your car, consider Turo.

If you want to rent through HyreCar, make sure to buy your own commercial auto insurance policy.

But you also might want to ask yourself why you have a car that you don’t use. Wouldn’t you be better off selling it on CraigsList? Just saying. 

What car owners say: (From Yelp)

Stay Away!! I should have read the other reviews first. I rented my car once and had a very positive experience. I rented my car the second time and the renter crashed it on the second day. Yes, like others, all I’m getting is the run-around. The insurance claims manager is less than efficient and as others have written, getting paid will almost be an impossibility. I am already hearing the pause in the “reason” why their not going to pay the claim. SHAME on you Hyrecar for misleading us owners. Your insurance coverage is almost “bogus” and you’re not helping the situation. At the end of the day this is what happens when you trust a company who says one thing and then does another. I know it’s going to be an expensive lesson. All I can say is STAY AWAY from HYRECAR.

Scam. They cost my family and I over $20000. I rented my car through them and it was totaled the very next day. They denied the claim saying the actual renter let her son drive the car and the son wrecked and the son was not covered. I have no control over that.  However they also claim that you as a renter are covered.  They intentionally lead you to believe that anything that happens while the car is on the HyreCar rental will be covered. My insurance company also denied the claim because of the rental situation.  As soon as a claim happens they find any excuse to deny a claim.  Horrible people.

Truly terrible, I hope they get better staff and better executives running this company. Most likely they will end up like FlightCar. Sadly, I had to go to arbitration with the company and they are doing everything in their power to deny my claims. Through the grace of God, I was able to find who their insurer was and make them pay.

Someone stole my Camaro, and almost stole my Beamer through their platform. Did some research and found out that they stole someone’s identity, but they passed their background check. They keep blaming Checkr, but itwas HyreCar’s negligence.

I rented my car through Hyrecar to two drivers..seemed like a good idea.  While the rental experience went reasonably well, every aspect of dealing with the agency was an absolute nightmare.  They intentionally have their communications systems set up to frustrate your efforts, do not have a phone that they actually answer or, for that matter, even monitor as far as I can tell, and every time I finally reach from someone by email, they have no idea what has transpired previously on the same issue..even if you’ve just spoken to them the day before!  One of my drivers got a ticket on my car durning a period that was clearly in his possession, and its now a year later and they still have not paid me..even though they sent me an email apologizing for how long it took and agreeing to do so. NOT WORTH IT..DON’T USE THEM!

The worst decision ever was to rent my car out on this app. My car came back with a busted up bumper and they didn’t even want to pay for it. The people who rent your car don’t take care of it and u stuck with the bill of fixing it…This is the worst mistake I ever made in my life these people can give to fucks about your car as long as they get they little cut out of the deal pure unprofessional. COMPANY RESPONSE: 1/31/2018  Based off of the image you have provided, it looks like the scratch appears to be less than six inches. Our policy clearly states that we only will cover damages under six inches. If you think that we have handled this case incorrectly, please reach out to our support team so we can escalate the issue and hopefully resolve it.

Hyrecar for God sake please get better Insurance. I had my two cars totaled with you in 2016.

I would stay away from this company. One of my car I rented through this company, the driver ran away with the car and they are not doing anything except emailing the same thing again and again. Even the police told us that this company is known for similar things in the past. I asked them to expedite the claim process through their insurance but they told me we have to wait for 2 months before they can do anything.

Also for over mileages and other damage, if the driver can’t pay then they don’t don’t have any process to help out and they will ask fair claims to resolve issues and even that’s not helpful and ultimately it will end up in court.

This is a great opportunity for people that want to rent their car out. But beware the will wipe their hands with you soon as the driver can’t pay for damages.

I’m currently in the claims process, and Taylor the claims manager has stated that I “the owner” will have to front my own money to pay for the damages.  Than I will be paid by garnished wages from a person (driver) who has no source of income.  In not so many words the owners get the shaft end of the deal and Hyrecar gets to say “we sure took good care of that owner” (insert cheesy voice). The driver openly stated he would not co-operate and or pay the $1,700 in damages. Now my bran new 2017 Toyota is undriveable and I am responsible. Thanks Hyrecar  (sarcasm inserted here)

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