What: Wrapify proposes to pay you to wrap your car with advertising and then just drive as usual, earning between $80 and $450 per month

Expected pay: $196 to $450 per month (estimate)

Husl $core: $$$$

Where: National


  • Be 21 years old or older;
  • have an iPhone or Android;
  • a car, model year 2008 or newer;
  • a clean driving record


Wrapify is a hybrid between renting out your car — or space on your car — and driving for a living. To clarify, Wrapify works with advertisers that want rolling billboards. They rent out the space on your car and pay you to drive as usual. But you’re more likely to get a gig if you have a long commute, which means their billboard (your car) will get more eyeballs.

Whether or not you can get a gig is going to depend on where you live, where you commute and whether the company has an advertiser that’s interested in that area and your car. (You are not expected to drive around randomly.  Just carry on as usual, with the only change being that your car is emblazoned with advertising logos.) If they choose you, your payment depends on whether you wrap just a panel, a portion, or the whole car, as well as how much and where you drive.

You’ll be notified and can accept or decline, if there’s a promotion in your area. Assuming that you accept, they’ll clean and wrap your car and even pay for an Uber to get to and from the wrapping facility.

Campaigns can last for one to six months, so it’s not a full-time gig. That said, it costs you nothing but pride (if you find it embarrassing to be a rolling billboard.) While some complain it takes a while to get a campaign, those who have done it are largely positive about the experience.

Notably, there are two other companies in this space — MyFreeCar and Carvertise — and there’s no prohibition from signing up for all three and picking the campaign you want (assuming you’re offered more than one from more than one company.)

What their wrappers say:

One blogger, did multiple posts about his experiences with two different campaigns. If you’re considering this, it’s worth checking out. The short version is summed up in the comment below, but it also links to the series. 

Overall, I had a great first campaign experience. 

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