What: Wrapify pays you to wrap your car with advertising and then just drive as usual, earning between $174 and $450 per month

Expected pay: $174 to $452 per month (estimate)

Husl$core: $$$$

Where: National


  • Be 21 years old or older;
  • have an iPhone or Android;
  • a good-condition car, model year 2010 or newer;
  • a clean driving record


Wrapify is a hybrid between renting out your car — or space on your car — and driving for a living. To clarify, Wrapify works with advertisers that want rolling billboards. They rent out the space on your car and pay you to drive as usual. But you’re more likely to get a gig — and earn more — if you have a long commute or drive for a living with ride share operations like Uber and Lyft or delivery services, such as DoorDash and GrubHub. The site pays drivers based on mileage (although there are some limits). So, a longer drive means their billboard (your car) will get more eyeballs and they’ll pay you more. 

Whether or not you can get a gig is going to depend on where you live, where you commute and whether the company has an advertiser interested in your area and model of car.  If they choose you, your payment depends on whether you wrap just a panel, a portion, or the whole car, as well as how much and where you drive.

They don’t send checks 

If there’s a promotion in your area, you’ll be notified about what it is and get the opportunity to accept or decline. Assuming that you accept, they’ll have you clean your car right before your wrap appointment. Their company will then wrap your car (and even pay for an Uber to get to and from the wrapping facility). Be aware that they do not send you a check to have the car wrapped. They pay the wrapping company directly. (See our fraud warning below.)

Campaigns can last for one to six months, so it’s not a full-time gig.  While some complain it takes a while to get a campaign, those who have done it are largely positive about the experience.

Want to try Wrapify?

Here’s a direct link to where you can sign up.

Other recommendations 

Two years ago, there were at least three other companies in this space that each worked with different advertisers. But when advertising dollars dried up during the pandemic, several firms folded. And a few of their replacements appear to be scam operations that want you to send them money for a “deposit” for their advertising banners. Don’t do that. 

The one legitimate competitor still in the market is Carvertise, which pays a flat monthly fee, but also offers bonuses to new drivers and occasional promotions to help drivers earn more. Our recommendation is to sign up with both companies and see who offers you a gig first.

Also, since you’re looking a ways to leverage assets you already own, we’d also suggest you take a look at our blog post 8 Ways to Profit by Renting Your Stuff. 

Beware of fraud

One more caution: An increasingly popular scam involves crooks pretending to work for this company (or one of its competitors), promising huge pay-outs to consumers who sign up. They then send these same consumers big checks in advance of their booking, telling the car-owner to deposit the whole amount and pay for the wrap — and themselves — with the money. 

This is a fake check scam. And by the time your bank discovers the forgery, the crook will be long gone and you will be on the hook for the entire amount of the fake check. DO NOT DEPOSIT these checks. Legitimate companies — including Carvertise and Wrapify — do not expect you to be their payment intermediary.  For more about this con, check out this story at CBS News and our blog post Side Hustlers get roped into fake check scams.

If you fall for this con, it can cost you thousands of dollars. 

What their car-owners say: (from the Better Business Bureau)

I have been driving for Wrapify since 2018. The customer service dept responds quickly. The places they send you to get your car wrapped are professional. The Swarms are fun seeing the other cars that had been wrapped all driving around in the same location. This gig is great for making extra money. I mean you gotta drive somewhere everyday right? Might as well get paid for it.

Driving my first campaign and I have been very happy with them. Pay is bi weekly through direct deposit and in addition to your weekly miles driven in the campaign zone, they also offer SWARM events where you can earn bonuses on top of that. They are also easy to contact and quick to respond. All in all, it was a great side hustle to make some easy $$. Would 100% drive with them again.

One blogger, did multiple posts about his experiences with two different campaigns. If you’re considering this, it’s worth checking out. The short version is summed up in the comment below, but it also links to the series. 

Overall, I had a great first campaign experience. 

  • Updated 12/14/2020

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