KitSplit is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for high-end photography and film equipment

Expected pay: You set it

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: 15% to 17% levied on owners; 6% charged to renters

Where: Select cities in the U.S.

Requirements: Over 18

What is KitSplit?

Like ShareGrid, KitSplit is a marketplace where people who need high-end photography and film equipment can find equipment owners willing to rent it out.

KitSplit review

However, there are some significant differences that make KitSplit the less-attractive of the two platforms.

How it works

The concept is relatively simple. If you’re a high-end photographer or producer, you’ve probably got thousands of dollars worth of specialized equipment sitting around, unused most of the time. Why not make some money renting it out to film makers and photographers who have a temporary need?

Theoretically, you simply sign up and list your equipment — noting the details of what’s included in the rental. And you’ll provide photographs and set a daily rental price.

If the equipment rents, KitSplit will collect payment from the customer and charge you a commission on the transaction. You’ll set up a time and location to meet with the renter and hand over your stuff.

Commissions, fees and insurance

The site charges a 15% to 17.5% commission to owners and another 6% to renters.

The site says that this commission automatically provides insurance for the owner’s equipment. However, this insurance coverage is for damage — not theft.

And the biggest complaints about this platform is that renters take off with your equipment and KitSplit calls that “voluntary parting.” That’s a risk that’s not covered.

To be specific, the sites terms say:

even though we have certain protections in place to maximize coverage for lost or damaged Gear, KitSplit typically will NOT cover a Renter’s fraud or failure to return rented Gear (called “voluntary parting” ). You acknowledge that there is always a possibility of complete loss that may not be covered by … insurance. We strongly encourage Owners to separately purchase an insurance policy that covers theft and voluntarily parting for the Gear they post on KitSplit.

Stolen gear

Is this an issue? Yes.

In fact, one owner’s saga of losing $3,500 in equipment on a $70 rental became so notorious that KitSplit vowed to change its policy. At that point, the site launched an “owner guarantee” that promises to cover every rental to $20,000. But, again, this guarantee covers damage, not theft.

And, even if you have a damage claim, the guarantee has loopholes. The main one: a deductible that amounts to 20% of the equipment’s value.

As for thefts, the site says it takes copious precautions to ensure that no one steals your equipment. But the complaints continue.


If you want to rent out equipment on this platform, we recommend that you buy your own “voluntary parting” coverage. You can check out KitSplit here.

But a better place to rent your camera and film equipment is ShareGrid. It charges lower fees — 15% to owners and 5% to renters — and has significantly fewer complaints about crooks stealing owner equipment. Learn more about ShareGrid here.

What their users say:

(From Yelp)

You guys have clients. They’re having their equipment stolen. And in return you are offering no solution to how it can be fixed or solved. There are no investigations put forth into who the thief is, or getting the product back. And no steps are taken to make sure it doesn’t happen to others in the future. Instead, you try to silence honest and fair criticism of your company and its policies. It is pathetic and I truly hope no one else falls victim to your shady and untrustworthy rental service.

A colleague was renting his personal equipment through this business. Hours after the perp stole his stuff, he stole someone else’s equipment! You shouldn’t have to risk having your equipment taken under a third party negligence. So I rather not have anyone else take the chance with this business.

False promises

Not cool KitSplit. You guys are digging your own grave by consistently making false promises on your website. And, later telling gear owners that they are crap out of luck when a renter on your platform runs away with their gear. The least you could do is try to make things right with my friend Yohahn and all the other people who have lost their gear without having them to jump through hoops. Actually follow through with your new owner’s protection policy and make up for what was lost.

From Trust Pilot

Owners beware of Kitsplit and Thimble Insurance! Renting on Kitsplit cost me a $4000 camera kit when their renter lost my camera’s viewfinder, Thimble denied the renter’s claim and Kitsplit failed to intervene. Rent elsewhere. There are much safer options for equipment sharing.

I’ve been having major problems with KitSplit … a year ago I had a rental go bad, resulting a $10k+ claim, $8k+ of which they still owe me. It is impossible to reach anyone at the “company”. No phone numbers exist. I email the customer service platform and my questions are always ignored.

Your camera will never be returned they will never reimburse you. No point in letting steal your equipment. They call it voluntary separation.

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