Modsy enlists work-from-home interior designers to do online room designs using proprietary software

Expected pay: Flat fee + commission (est $10-$20 per hour)

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: US resident authorized to work; U.S. bank account; ability to work at least 3-5 hours per day between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST; E-design, interior design, or space-planning experience, excellent writing and grammar skills. Online screening

What is Modsy?

Modsy was a discount, online interior design firm that enlisted freelance designers to do room makeovers for customers. However, the company was purchased by homebuilder Lennar in August of 2023. As of that point, the independent interior designers were furloughed.

This review will remain posted in the event that the company revives its freelance design program.

How it worked

Modsy connected work-at-home interior designers with customers needing home makeovers. The site charged customers a flat fee ranging from $159 to more than $1,000 to design a room with furniture from Modsy’s retail partners. If customers wanted to use their own furniture, the site charged an extra $25 per piece to create a 3D model of the item to add to the plan.

The site’s designers were made up of both independent contractors and employees, depending on the position. However, the site preferred people who could work at least half time and, ideally, 40 hours a week. Modsy doesn’t have specific education requirements for designers, but does expect designers to have experience and a portfolio.

Proprietary software

Designers used Modsy’s proprietary 3D design software, so needed to train on how to use it. On the bright side, recent designer reviews maintained the software makes placing furniture in rooms a bit like “playing SIMS.”


Modsy’s independent contractor designers were paid a flat fee for each design and could also earn commissions when their clients bought furniture and accessories that the designer recommended. The flat fee appears to vary depending on the designer’s experience and the package the client buys. (The site also hires designers as employees and estimates hourly pay at about $17 an hour.) Glassdoor estimates that the site’s designers earn between $15 and $19 per hour.

Unlimited revisions

However, the site made a disturbing promise to customers from the standpoint of designers working on a flat fee: Unlimited design revisions. This created the possibility of doing a lot of work for essentially no additional money. We found some complaints about this from designers, but not an excessive number.

The modest number of complaints may be because clients can tinker with the designs themselves using the Modsy software, or because the design software makes these revisions easier. Or it could be that more customers buy furniture and accessories through the site, allowing designers to supplement their income with commissions.

It was, however, a red flag. Even though the site encouraged commission-generating sales by offering customers discounts for buying through Modsy, commissions are never a sure thing. The flat fee you earn may be the only payment for any individual design.

Worker experiences

Hundreds of designers have reviewed the company on Indeed and Glassdoor. The one consistent thing they note is that this job is less time-flexible than advertised. Moreover, during 2020, the company had multiple design-team layoffs that were both unexpected and apparently insensitive. This sparked a rash of complaints.

There are fewer gripes from designers in the past year, however. And, although designers pan some of Modsy’s competitors for poor pay, compensation complaints are less frequent here.


If you’re looking for independent interior design work, our top recommendation is Decorilla. You can also find good interior design work through Fiverr and Creatively.

(from Glassdoor)

-part-time, full-time, contract, and W2 opportunities
-opportunities for advancement, especially since the company is growing
-you get to work with a variety of clients from across the country, helping them bring their vision for their home to life
-even though this is a remote position, you have the ability to collaborate with your co-workers who are all so positive and uplifting, making your job even more enjoyable

Working from home was a plus since I have a newborn. Also it was fun designing rooms on their 3D platform which is awesome, almost feels like playing a game of Sims.

It has been a great work from home job with flexible hours. I have been with the company for three years, starting out as an independent contractor and I recently got promoted to a full time employee. The pay could be a bit better, but the great employee benefits help make up for it.

Designers are paid per room, and with software that glitches and freezes (and sometimes deletes your progress). I ended up making less than $10/hour. I am an educated interior designer with a degree, and I found this a little insulting.

Flexible but fast

It is a fast-paced environment with a lot of deadlines, so time management is a must

“The company is very flexible when it comes to my schedule which is a huge bonus when you have young children. The software is incredible – it creates such realistic renders of the client space. But the pace to turnaround designs in a certain amount of time can sometimes being challenging.

I started at Modsy as a career pivot from a related profession to pursue my dreams of being an interior designer. What began as a part-time remote position (which was absolutely perfect with having small children at home) kept growing for me into a series of promotions and raises.

What their users say (from Indeed)

When I was first hired I was being paid $15/hr, now compensation is set up on a pay per room system. No matter how long a room takes you to do, you only get paid $30/room. Rushing through the work to finish under the 2 hr mark isn’t really an option since your employment is based on customer ratings of your designs. So if your ratings drop too low you will be fired. There are also so many stylists that there isn’t enough work to go around.

I was making less than $9/hour. The pay is per-room, which in training feels completely fair as they present their design process to be quick and efficient. I was under the impression that I could make around $20 / hour. What they do NOT tell you is that their completely online platform is in need of a LOT of development. The platform would freeze and rearrange items in the 3D model, adding a lot of time onto your process. Additionally, there was talk of potential to make commission on furniture sales, but I never saw this in my 8 months working with them.

Stressful work

I’ve been working at Modsy for over a year now and let me just say I don’t think there has been a day where I haven’t been stressed.

Modsy has one if the best 3D tendering programs on the market. The issue is that they lower their prices so low that they cannot afford to pay their designers well. Yes, it is remote, but to work this hard to not even make $3k a month is brutal.

Updated 1/4/2024

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