Decorilla enlists interior decorators to work with its clients through the platform, which will also advertises your services

Expected pay: $35 + per hour

Husl$core: $$$$

Commissions & fees: 50%

Where: Nationwide (remote); in person work in major U.S. cities

Requirements: design experience; college or professional decorator’s diploma; 3D renderings and photos of your portfolio

What is Decorilla?

Decorilla is an online design firm that connects freelance designers with clients, who are looking for flat-rate home interior designs.

Decorilla review:

Decorilla enlists freelance interior designers to make interior design plans for clients, generally paying a flat fee to the designer.

Like Decorist, Decorilla takes 50% of the customer’s payment as a site commission. However, it charges customers considerably more for designs, so designers can still earn reasonable hourly rates here.

How it works

For instance, if a customer wanted a living room design, he or she would pay between $699 and $1,549. The designer would take home between $350 and $775.

Want a new design for your kitchen? The rates range from $699 to $1649. When customers want in-person or hourly rates, they pay between $75 and $500 per hour, with the designers getting half that fee.

What’s included

Each design includes a color palette, floor plan and furniture placements, 3D renderings of the room and tips for implementation. Designers also create an itemized shopping list, with store links and prices of the items they recommend that you buy. Unlike many other sites, designers are able to recommend purchases from any store.

Decorilla makes its higher prices palatable to customers by providing steep discounts to those ordering through the site at 350 different merchants, including Wayfair, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn.


Although the site is highly rated by freelance designers who work through it, there are a few items of concern in the terms. One is that every client gets two designs — offered by two different designers — to choose from. So, a certain amount of your time is likely to be spent on losing bids.

Secondly, the site only pays designers after the designs are approved by clients. However, Decorilla does have some provisions that automatically approve designs when clients are unresponsive. So it appears, you’d never be waiting for more than 60 days.

Finally, if you have your own website and also design for Decorilla, you must incorporate a Decorilla badge and link on your site. And if you use photos of Decorilla projects on your site, they must include a Decorilla watermark.


That said, this site gets great reviews from designers who have worked here, so we see no downside to signing up. You can also find good design work at Creatively and you can create your own interior design packages at Fiverr.

Want to try Decorilla?

Here’s a direct link to where designers can sign up.

What their users say (from Glassdoor)

Great company for start your design career.

“I am part time as I also run a small design business of my own, but I work full time hours for Decorilla. To date I have worked on at least 130+ projects and they just keep coming in. In the last two years, I am usually sent AT LEAST 3 projects a week.”

“Not only do you receive virtual projects but they offer traditional in home consultations, in which you get paid for. Not many E design services offer in-home. The longest time without a project was 2 months. So 2 months of no work. But when work does come in, in comes in bundles.”

“If a client doesn’t like their work (cause there’s always those people) then Decorilla won’t pay you for the project. They will try to pay out a small partial payment regardless of how much work was done. I know of no other contract based company that does this.

“I’ve been working for Decorilla for about 5 years and I have loved every minute of it! They’ve always kept me busy with a great amount of client projects and I’ve met some incredible people through this company! I love the Decorilla collection and the discounts we’re able to pass down to our clients. A freelance interior designer can’t ask for much more!”

“Takes a lot of effort to put together a mood board with furniture options & furniture plan…and you still might not get paid if the client chooses another designer.”

“Lots of projects Easy platform, but there are payment delays.”

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