MyVA360 enlists seasoned freelance virtual assistants to help companies with administrative work, research, social media and scheduling

Expected pay: $13 per hour

Husl$core: $$$

Commissions & fees: NA

Where: Nationwide (remote)

Requirements: 2 years of experience; proficiency in Office 365; high-speed internet connection

What is MyVA360?

MyVA360 enlists seasoned virtual assistants to help companies with administrative work, research, social media and scheduling. The work is done remotely, and, generally, on a schedule determined by the virtual assistant.

How it works

MyVA360 sells virtual assisting services in 30, 60 or 120-hour “packages.” When virtual assistants sign up, they state what they can do and how many hours they’re available. The site then matches VAs with assignments that require that VA’s skillset and time constraints with suitable clients.

Once matched, you meet with the client directly to discuss expectations and deadlines.

What’s a VA?

Virtual assistants are the executive assistants of the online world. They do everything from updating websites to managing email, schedules, and travel. Some handle posting on social media accounts. Some simply help with correspondence. Or bookkeeping. Or, project management — or, really anything the client needs help with.

The nature of the job depends on the client and the VA.

This job has no specific education requirements. But experience and a willingness to learn is a plus.

Pay is set

Jelena Mijajlovic, MyVA360’s founder, says that while the site looks for experience, it also helps train VAs in skills that are in high demand, such as using Asana and Hubspot. VAs can work as many — or as few — hours as they wish. However, they generally need to be available during normal weekday business hours.

While pay is set at $13 per hour, Mijajlovic says the site will provide raises for VAs that get high performance ratings from their clients.


This site is relatively young, which is a mixed bag. While young sites typically don’t have as much work as more established enterprises, they’re also more likely to provide the one-on-one help that you might need when getting started. The hourly pay here also is relatively low for seasoned workers, but the working conditions are flexible.

Our advice: Sign up here and with other VA firms, including Belay and Boldly, which promise higher hourly wages.

Also work on developing your own clients by advertising your services on Nextdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Updated 1/6/2024

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